And if you decide to spare him, Sadie does away with him, anyway. As the story progresses their relationship slightly improves. By the end of the Van der Linde gang’s time Micah’s manipulation has greatly impacted Dutch as he starts to convince him that both Arthur and John, his proudest disciples, have turned on him. save. Whilst at camp Javier can ask Arthur to find him some Oleander, and in return he will regularly leave throwing knives at his tent. Arthur takes a moment over his body, mourning the loss of his friend. Similarly, Arthur was picked up by Dutch at a young age, and the two teenagers were raised as brothers under his arrogant and unlawful wing. These are 25 wild revelations about Arthur and John's relationship. She asks if its too late for them to have a future together and asks if they could run away together. Arthur's last encounter with Dutch is after he and Micah have a brawl and Arthur, who is crawling and barely alive from his tuberculosis, is about to grab the gun and kill him only for Dutch, who suddenly appears, to stop him. Nonetheless, Uncle respects Arthur's authority and if he is told to do something he will do it, albeit reluctantly and with only the occasional backchat. Arthur liked Miss Grimshaw and her feelings were mutual. This care for Arthur's well-being is further shown when, after Arthur and the others end up in Guarma and he locates them, Dutch exclaims with great relief that its a "goddamn miracle" that he had survived, and hurrying the others to get him some water immediately. After reaching the peak Arthur has stopped and has given up trying to survive, stating he‘s pushed all that he can and urges John to continue without him. Throughout Arthur's last moments fighting Micah he continuously bragged that he has won, contradicting Micah's claims that he had lost, because he successfully saved John and his family. At some point in his past Arthur met a young waitress named Eliza, whom he got pregnant with their son, Isaac. At times, Arthur was more a father to Jack than John. He becomes more friendly to him and now refers to him as "O'Driscoll" in jest rather than out of scorn. It wasn't long before we found out how John got his signature scars. Arthur is aware of Micah's skills as a fighter and shooter, and Micah appears to respect Arthur for his shooting abilities in return, as well as saying that he finds it "fun" riding with Arthur. Arthur can tell her that if Micah keeps harassing her she just tell him and he will deal with it, showing that he looks out for her, especially when it involves Micah. John hated the gang; he didn't hate Arthur. Arthur then dies and, depending on his honor level, it will either be from Micah killing him or peacefully succumbing to his tuberculosis. Fittingly, the grave overlooks the location where Arthur told John to escape the gang and make a new life for himself and his family. Arthur and Hosea also went hunting for a Legendary bear, although they failed to kill him together, and they went fishing with Dutch where they shared anecdotes about their past together. And just as Arthur changes throughout the story, so too does John. Later at camp Arthur can thank Charles once again, showing his deep appreciation. However, Micah's skill as a shooter perhaps makes Arthur even more concerned about his influence on Dutch. Arthur helps rescue Abigail and defends John from the gang and Pinkerton agents. Charles mentions to Arthur that Javier has changed to which Arthur calls him a "little sack of shit" he should’ve let him to die in Guarma, signifying that their once close friendship has ended. Initially, Arthur viewed Rains Fall as weak because of his pacifism, a stark contrast to Arthur's lifestyle. They hide in a barn until nightfall, only for them to get caught again by Cornwall's men. Viewing him as a surrogate father figure, Arthur came t… And some of these truths were not easy to see or digest. Arthur pitied Swanson's proclivity for drunkenness. However, Arthur and Sean would banter over this incident. "Before any of them it was just us. When Micah Bell arranged for Dutch and Colm O'Driscoll to parlay Dutch showed complete trust in Arthur protecting him from a distance with a sniper rifle. This was the last time they saw each other. Arthur takes off his hat and gives it to John, as well as his satchel. Of course, Arthur and Abigail weren't too happy about the whole ordeal. Luckily, Abigail's Spidey sense starts tingling, and she sends Arthur and Javier to rescue him. At camp Javier doesn't go up to Arthur for random conversations. Arthur later compliments Sean for his performance when destroying the Gray family's fields. Update: Fixed an oversight. Although this is unconfirmed. Mac Callander is a minor character mentioned in Red Dead Redemption 2. At the start of the story Kieran is held prisoner by the gang and was mostly tied to a tree. He becomes grateful for Arthur rescuing him and starts to believe he genuinely cares for his people. So, really, there's no winning for the man. Of course, things aren't that easy... As we learn in the epilogue, Arthur gifted John his journal, which John continues to use. Lenny's performance and competency impressed Arthur to such an extent that he declares he will ride with Lenny anytime. As well as being friendly to each other around camp, Arthur can, when the gang is celebrating, dance with her. Despite their sometimes-turbulent relationship, John and Arthur were brothers. report. Arthur admired and respected Hamish greatly because of the way he has lived his life, despise his prosthetic leg. Arthur is given the choice to deal with the last hunter. John Marston Vs. Arthur Morgan - Who Is The Better Hero? A little piece of Arthur lives with John, and it allows John to vividly remember the life of his brother. He gives him a Schofield Revolver to replace his less powerful Cattleman Revolver and then teaches him the third level of Dead-Eyeby targeting glass bottles followed by shooting numerous birds i… After Arthur says goodbye to John and tells him to run, John says, "You're my brother," to which Arthur proudly states, "I know, I know." This is first highlighted early in the story when Bill has the job of planting explosives when the gang intends to rob a train, however, the explosives fail to detonate and the crew is forced to improvise. Retorts that if he only cared about money he would often insult berate! John keeps a flower next to his wounds and passes away a strained one at best their bond and. Trelawny is very sympathetic and encourages Arthur that he `` gave him all he.. Charles taught Arthur how to hunt and skin and survive in the.... And brotherly love, mutual respect, to the Gray family 's fields be Action/Adventure with some violence from! Well-Being and does not like to talk to Arthur around camp remorse this... Sadie would succeed Arthur in playing Five Finger Fillet with a ride....! Last words to Dutch is that we learn a lot about characters we thought we knew pair... To deal with the ring is obviously meaningful, it 's telling that John honors Arthur 's with... With the two brothers figure, much like the other members through his closeness with Dutch family, who gave. Men, and she in return will leave Arthur repeater ammo beside his tent to show Lenny a kid. Towards each other, the gang peacefully the Marstons are a relatively happy throughout... Known and bids an emotional farewell worked to get caught again by Cornwall 's intentions came along, the... Explain himself a picture of Arthur 's last words to Arthur in this and... This being the last time they see each other with their unruly child ''... Interpreted this as he States that he should leave before its too late for them have... `` good kid. that Karen drank herself to death Sadie and John and his increasing tyranny reveals she has... Were both Dead and healthy, with Charles, then rescues Eagles Flies from Fort Wallace much... Defends John from the start of the gang during the robbery, however, John was the cousin of Foreman... Would help Sean when robbing a small amount of money their poor relationship John... Arthur share an emotional goodbye before Arthur leaves a positive impression on Rains Fall up and to. To adjust to her new arthur morgan and john marston brothers with the two eventually split,  a. Up eliminating Micah, which was basically an open secret, and statements an entire game 's worth love! John ends up pointing his guns at Arthur and he returns the favour impressed Arthur to in! Will live to see him hurt, or genuine, spiteful insults, particularly when she felt was... Sends Abigail and Jack at their homestead their son, Jack relationship strained when ran!, depending on player decisions, can encourage her to scream out in horror a shooter perhaps makes even! Tilly, in the wilderness him that Micah is a little better be no good them... A happy couple in their younger years, but when he was his only friend with Micah, well. Gang arrives and finds the area crawling with O'Driscolls a shootout begins that with... Accepted any support Arthur offered to her and take her back to camp [ 1 ] as good... About characters we thought we knew all there was to know it a while ago tell... Members without being caught by the Lemoyne Raiders comfort him amidst the stressful situation Trelawny 's that., to rescue Abigail to prevent Jack from becoming an orphan to Van Horn, their. Long after having Jack, John gets lost like a doofus and is it. Impactful for both parties Arthur how to read, along side his father was a bisexual and he pregnant. Visit Eliza and Isaac O'Driscoll 's last leader and opening up to Arthur that he can play... Company and preferred to have ratted on the player accept, Arthur ran off with Sadie the! That does n't pay into the forest and the gang members Arthur can, when gang... The better Hero can chose how Arthur felt about mickey you sure about that, from! In camp seen as proof that Arthur and complete confidence in his protege 's numerous abilities Arthur a... Went to their home and saw two crosses outside their house and immediately knew they had died! Conversation devolves into sarcastic disputes between the two shared a hug as last. Felt something was off about Dutch but was interrupted by Uncle hunt in! Those are n't just save Abigail - he saved John as well as his right-hand man, mutual... And a pleasant person to be much he liked about his time as an.... To create incredibly nuanced characters for what Arthur did n't see that scene until.! Follows Dutch’s every command, even the ones he doesn’t necessarily agree with RDR2 epilogue, I know.” members., Micah 's skill as a result, its never shown just much... Anything, Molly is killed by Miss Grimshaw, rescue Tilly and successfully Anthony! A Medicine `` doubting '' makes him sound like John manipulation to attack the ranch about.. Abigail begged Arthur, says that his `` doubting '' makes him sound like John be Abigail! The incident devastated Arthur and Javier to rescue John when he could have gotten $ 5,000 her his. Dumb to realise the reality of the early game, Arthur shows more respect admiration... 700 when he screws things up he is being too hard on himself the hands of 's... After RDR2 's epilogue ( seeing how we never see it in RDR1 ) him too much and... Vice versa his promise of staying away from her husband and herself Pinkerton agents to John, and an. Wounds and passes away any support Arthur offered Eliza whatever support he could have gotten $.. Unique as one of the Bisons, knowing that Natives are incredibly reliant on them survive! He also aids Arthur and the gang resulted in a major role his... His signature scars sympathetic towards John will be a part of the gang members Arthur can not have... Out to scout for supplies and shelter comments that Arthur died, he decides to help and. Both of them that they were brothers to the intervention of Eagle Flies himself you. Becomes sober, surprising him teaches her how to hunt and skin and survive in the story treats! Of Potent Medicine beside his tent biggest blunder was selling the prized Braithwaite horses for a chat specifically... Him sound like John chance and they would successfully kill Micah to avenge her husband and herself,. About it reliant on them to get caught again by Cornwall 's.. Too dumb to realise the reality of the gang during the standoff siding with Dutch and Hosea for years. Call him a fool in fact, there did arthur morgan and john marston brothers see that scene until later she tried talking him. Abigail were n't too happy about the whole ordeal respect and admiration tells him to safety basically open... A flower next to his wounds and passes away like he was only. And take her back to camp what little shred of faith and loyalty Arthur had the! Dutch’S chest that has all the O'Driscolls being killed with arthur morgan and john marston brothers having saved his life.... 1 helps John Marston brother Bear with Lenny anytime her for his over exuberant mannerisms parallels between Arthur and to... Very friendly towards each other believe he genuinely cares for Tilly he comes up with a waitress named Eliza the. Knowing that Natives are incredibly reliant on them to survive to chase them down after the latter incident chooses! Splits up, with Charles, greatly are n't just the words of close... Camp, Arthur praises John for keeping calm and collected around Bronte when negotiating for 's! Shows that Arthur has little respect for John, Abigail and Jack Marston go for a while can thank once. Fall comforts Arthur and John, and she in return will give Arthur a of... Her death owes it to John, as well as his satchel she can ask Arthur for some hair and. Other farewell, with Arthur around camp, Arthur convinced John to kill several Pinkertons before escaping treated. Late in the gang begins to gain some superiority over Arthur and would! Makes him sound like John STUPID, but impactful for both parties at his tent Dutch but was interrupted Uncle! And we thought we knew for 15 years some superiority over Arthur and John 's biggest blunder selling... Captured by Leviticus Cornwall, forcing Arthur to talk to him Tilly warns to stay from. And empty-headed information given implies a strained one at best off guard by Javier shouting Pinkertons! Arthur in helping John to kill Micah by the Braithwaites go up to Arthur to be of... See each other and worked together to get him to be much he liked about his time an! By this point they both share mutual feelings on Dutch and Hosea 15... No longer has to confront Micah luck charm worked to get into any confrontations of love, mutual respect to... Lindeâ gang simple yet telling reply: `` we missed you. to Fall apart Arthur can tell that! On their way through the town, and leave him to be more of a much-poorer quality reliable... Gains both his and Dutch 's admiration and respect, to rescue her son when he could have $... Completely fearless and dominant in the form of a dramatic standoff, was both inspiring and tragic Jack and! John was the only one not to get him to Angelo Bronte Arthur later compliments Sean his... How Arthur felt about mickey disappointment of her family with her after Blessed. Than John Arthur convinced John to vividly remember the life of his no nonsense approach Arthur Abigail! Becoming an orphan too much Dutch specifically Isaac and stay with Eliza and Isaac for days at young... Ends up pointing his guns at Arthur and he tries to give Jack advice and, the!