8 seeds per pack. Diospyros on Sale. A well-shaped shrub or small tree, native to southern Texas and northeastern Mexico where it grows in scrubland on rocky soils. Small white flowers in spring. Diospyros texana. It has a beautiful pale gray bark that begins to flake off once it reaches maturity, much like a crape myrtle. var nfld="huuuu"; var cfld="uuuuh"; Silvery bark peels away to reveal white layers, in a manner similar to crape myrtle. //2006-11-28: sideshow The American Persimmon is, however, used to make the roots of your tree. This Texas native is extremely drought tolerant, ideal for xeriscaping. The persimmon’s most distinctive trait is the very smooth, gray bark of its trunk and branches that often grow in varying directions and twists. USDA Hardiness Zone - 8a . I have been asked how to know when it is ripe. If there is something you are interested in obtaining, please visit, call or email: National Butterfly Center, Mission Texas, a project of the North American Butterfly Association. A small, black persimmon native to Texas, north to parts of Oklahoma and south into northern Mexico. Deciduous, with multiple twisted trunks a dense, twiggy crown. Buy It Now +$4.00 shipping. google_ad_channel ="6852836166"; The Texas Persimmon (Diospyros texana) is a semi-evergreen shrub or small tree growing as much as fifteen feet in height.It is found in dry, rocky areas of central, west, and south Texas. Native to middle and southern parts of Texas, south into Mexico. Eat the black ripe fruit raw or use the pulp in wine, breads, pies, jams, sauces and puddings. Diospyros Texana. Bloom Color - White . May 31, 2020 comment about the website as a whole, please leave it in my have a question that needs a personal response, please View the latest openings at the National Butterfly Center. Red Sage ( scarlet sage) var. Diospyros is in the family Ebenaceae, and a number of non-persimmon species of the genus are grown for ebony timber. Informal account of the features of this species, showing male and female flowers and ripe fruit. google_color_text = "6F6F6F"; google_ad_width = 728; Please submit your comment as plain text. $10.00 to $17.50. google_color_bg = "EBFFED"; With so many of the plantings in our garden spurting towards the sky in a single season (its neighbor tree, huisache, grew twice as large one year after planting, and the lemon eucalyptus: we planted was even quicker to tower high over all its surroundings), our persimmon has been more reluctant to grow. Texana, Texas is a ghost town which was located in Jackson County near Edna. Per tree pricing may be adjusted for orders of less than $500. In 2018, China produced about two-thirds of the world total of persimmons. guestbook. Japanese Persimmon, Diospyros kaki, Seeds (Showy, Edible, Fall Color, Fragrant) $2.00 to $45.00. google_color_border = "FFFFFF"; A tasty preserve may be made from it. The tree has small, purple fruit and is known for its peeling bark, which reveals shades of white, gray, and even pink on the trunk. google_color_url = "008000"; The town flourished as late as 1880, but when the railroad bypassed the town, it rapidly declined. //-->e-mail me. google_ad_type = "text_image"; Ebonaceae. • Texas persimmon, Diospyros texana, is found in northern Mexico and Central and West Texas; it is especially abundant in the Edwards Plateau area. Native Enhancements Texas Persimmon - Diospyros texana 5 gallon [FRV-TEXPE5] - Deciduous to evergreen fruit tree. Size - Medium . Texas Persimmon is one of Texas's premier small trees. The following list is subject to change, according to inventory on hand. We are currently getting everything ready for the upcoming growing season and in a few weeks we will provide our projected availability and pricing for 2021. document.write(''); Your comments Its astringent fruit was used for food and medicine, and its tough wood was used to make digging sticks. Definitely worth growing if you find Princess persimmon too expensive to get a hold of. google_ad_height = 600; Diospyros texana - Texas or Mexican persimmon - small black fruit, shrub similar to Princess persimmon except fruit is black. Only the female trees bear fruit. Texas Persimmon (Diospyros texana) Seeds 2019 Harvest 83% Germination Rate! google_ad_channel = "5320288683"; google_ad_height = 90; , PlantLinks to other web pages about Diospyros texana. google_ad_format = "120x600_as"; Growing wild throughout northern Mexico, Central to West Texas and into southwest Oklahoma, the native species, known as Diospyros texana, produces a dark purple or black fruit that only measures about an inch across and tastes like a slightly overripe plum or prune. Fruits grow to about an inch, with black skin and black pulp, which has a sweet flavor. Texas Persimmons (Diospyros texana) are resilient, graceful trees found from northern Mexico to Central Texas. PlantLinks to other web pages about Diospyros texana. Texas Persimmon. Normally growing 6 to 15 feet tall, the tree is deciduous. Contact me, ,