However, this type of reclamation may lead to great loss of fill material because of wave and current action. mso-style-parent:""; Therein, I disclosed comprehensive details and procedures of dredging and what it entails. {font-family:"\@SimSun"; However, this method is only suitable for granular fill (crushed stone or natural sand and gravel), which has good drainage characteristics. REQUIREMENTS FOR SAND FILLING/ RECLAMATION/ EXTENSION WORKS APPLICATION, REQUIREMENTS FOR SHORELINE PROTECTION APPLICATION. Land reclamation also changes the quality of the surrounding areas of water. The dumping location is generally controlled by a global positioning system. Land reclamation by cross-dam construction started in coastal Bangladesh in 1957, with a 9.3 mile (14 km) cross-dam being built in the eastern branch of the Meghna River for the purpose of reclaiming land for agriculture. Can you add more opinions on the advantages? Yesterday, I got an E-mail on [email protected] probably from one of my readers who intend to invest in a reclamation project. Tags: reclamation island reclaimed. Sometime in February, I wrote an article about dredging in real estate. Land reclamation works are distributed across the territory, their positions being related to in situ factors. mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; }, Hydrographic Survey Report.