Anastasia is still a member of the IC3PEAK group. Я хожу по кругу First self-release. IC3PEAK lyrics with translations: Марш, Смерти Больше Нет, Грустная Сука, Плак-Плак, TRRST, Сказка, Привет How is that name pronounced? The members of IC3PEAK (pronounced "ice peak"), who describe their work as "audiovisual terror," had crossed a line. Buy IC3PEAK tickets from the official site. "No, it could be something really nice and bright," Kreslina says. Lucian Kim/NPR Check out Ic3peak by Ic3peak on Amazon Music. They create not music only but all the visual stuff also (photography, vj-ing, music videos, cover art & merch). At the heart of the generational clash is the digital connectivity of Russian youth versus the largely offline existence of their elders, who spent their formative years in the Soviet Union, where the government controlled everything from the way young people dressed to the kind of music they listened to. 81630 Followers. - Nastya & Nick (IC3PEAK), tl;dr they recently released an album with a song/video criticizing the russian government, which has led to the FSB tracking them down as they tour, threatening venue owners and cutting off their sound midway through shows. Acronym Definition; IC3: Internet Crime Complaint Center: IC3: Internet and Computing Core Certification: IC3: Integrated Command, Control, and Communications (US DoD) IC3: Inner ic3peak (ընթերցվում է որպես «այսփիք»), ռուսական փորձառական էլեկտրոնային խումբ Մոսկվայից, որը ստեղծվել է 2013 թվականի հոկտեմբերին։ . Last December, IC3PEAK's Nikolai Kostylev (left) and Anastasiya Kreslina (right) arrived in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk to give a concert, only to be detained by the police. First album. She says their scandalous new video is essentially political satire. It is the government that makes these ridiculous decisons, one can't imagine how far away it is from the Russian people. What's even scarier is that we have a president that wants to be like them. their last album СКАЗКА is definitely one of my favorite releases this year, also in the past theyve spoken in favor of lgbt rights with their video for go with the flow. Thanks to exposure in media and support of fans around the world, several latest gigs went well and police didn't intervene. ", Kostylev can confirm that observation after the outpouring of support when their concerts were cancelled. How to deal with the first generation of Russians born after the collapse of communism is a growing headache for the Kremlin. IC3PEAK are a Russian experimental electronic music duo from Moscow that formed in October 2013. I’m sure the same goes for the government implicitly if that’s also not a law. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Maybe people in government realised that if they keep banning them, they'll only add IC3PEAK more popularity points. they stated they do not plan to cancel their tour, this whole situation is super wild. While older generations still watch state-run TV channels, young people are increasingly forming their views and expectations via the Internet. that higher pitch voice caught me off guard but damn something about it just sounds so good. IC3PEAK by IC3PEAK, released 02 February 2015 1. Russian group IC3PEAK is being tracked down and threatened by Federal Security Service during tour over music video. He's scared as fuck because they represent cultural change and can't be silenced with the internet. This is what I hate about so many people peddling this 'give russia a benefit of the doubt theyve been made the bad guys by the west' - China and Russia want us to FAIL, DIE and FAIL no matter what. Join IC3PEAK on Roblox and explore together! Plenty of hip hop artists have made statements that are far more outlandish. TWO AUDIOVISUAL TERRORISTS