Oelheld's IonoVit-S is a specially formulated di-electric fluid for use in EDM fast hole drilling. Carl Hirschmann Inc HIE1 IONOPLUS-3000P DIELECTRIC FLUID Qty 5 = 5 Gallon Pail Productivity, Inc. Point of Sale Tax Amount, Actual Buyer Applicable Taxes will be … will be charged on this item. Rustlick EDM 30, Rustlick EDM 250, Rustlick EDM 500 •Reduced chances of fire due to an increased flash point •More rapid flushing at point of cut due to lower viscosity •Elimination of DC arcing because the high API gravity allows rapid settling of particles •Minimal rust on finished workpiece due to superior oxidation inhibitor Full approval of IonoPlus dielectric fluid from oelheld GmbH Ratingen, 23.04.2008 Dear Mr.Bausch, for many years we have used your dielectric fluid IonoPlus in our R & D center in Germany. Dielectric Oil A high-quality oil, EDM-30's low viscosity allows for fast settling and simplified purification. The green German stuff (Ionoplus) apparently turns a rather nasty puke brown quite quickly, so I've been recommended to use the Commonwealth product which is … The IonoPlus series does not fall under the operational safety regulations and can be easily filtered with all common filtration systems. Fore more informations download dielectrics brochure now (page 7). EDM-30 eliminates smoke and odor and is designed for paper cartridge filtration up to 150 amps. EDM 3001 Lite EDM Clear-3 EDM 3033. will be charged on this item. IonoPlus IME-MH After many years of research oelheld introduces an entirely new, powerful concept into dielectrics: IonoPlus IME-MH. Rustlick EDM-30. IonoPlus 3000-US Safety Data Sheet Download (50109) MSDS - GHS/CLP The almost odorless and green dielectric fulfills all requirements from finishing to roughing machining. Using a sophisticated production method, the synthetic product is manufactured in a special blending process. IonoPlus IME-ET Used in the finest finishing applications with smallest spark gaps (micro work). Add To Enquiry. What would you like to know about Dielectric fluid - IonoPlus IME-MH? Reviews (0) Reviews There are no reviews yet. Get technical information, instructions and Material Safety Data Sheets online at MROChemical. lonoPlus 3000® dielectric fluid was developed after many years of research centered around improving the overall performance of EDM machines as well as special emphasis on safety to humans and our environment. IonoPlus 3000-US also known as IonoPlus IME-MH in Europe, is a high performance dielectric fluid made with a blend of high-purity synthetic products and enriched with satellite electrodes. IonoPLUS 3000- 100% synthetic. Blaser. Page 3/7 Safety data sheet according to 1907/2006/EC, Article 31 Printing date 16.07.2015 Version 11 Revision: 16.07.2015 Trade name: IonoPlus IME-MH (Contd. In the finishing sector it can only be used under optimum flushing conditions. This patented formula includes discharge-intensifying and wear-reducing additives, along with ageing inhibitors. IonoPlus IME-MH Universal dielectric used for roughing and finishing applications. EDM 3033 has a clean and clear appearance with extremely low odor giving it excellent operator acceptance. Manufactured from high-purity synthetic base oils our fluids are enriched with discharge-intensifying, wear-reducing additives, ageing inhibitors, and oelheld-patented satellite electrodes (IonoPlus series) to give high quality, high performance fluids which last. Practical Machinist is the easiest way to learn new techniques, get answers quickly and discuss common challenges with your peers. Dielectric Grinding oil Punching oil Lapping oil Water-miscible cooling lubricants Laboratory analyses Contact us for your individual consultation ☎ +49-711-16863-0