Drivers License from Pitkin, Garfield, and Eagle County Zip Codes: 81611, 81612, 81650, 81652, 81649, 81620, 81615, 81621, 81601, 81647, 81655, 81637, 81623, 81642, 81623, 81602, 81632, 80423, 81654, 81656, 81636, 81635, 81621, 81645, 81631, 80463, 80426, 81658, 81657, 3. Limited to 10 people from a maximum of two households per session, How to Register for Lap Swimming, Leisure Pool, Master Swim and Water Aerobics. Visitors must sign in on the visitor sign in sheet and present one form of identification. jacket maybe necessary). The Aspen Recreation Center (aka “The ARC”) is Aspen’s premier recreation center. Higher numbers are HARDER9. Please contact the camp coordinator with such allowances. Our facility is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) compliant to the best of our abilities. See ARC staff for harness           a. ARC staff reserve the right to check harnesses for fit at any time. Choose Shoes:          a. 5) Credit on a customer's account resulting from a refund is non-transferable. your child. Creative writing skills a must. Rec Centers of Sun City West Recovery/Reopening Plan Stronger Together! Reason – These areas of the pool are too shallow for head first entry and could result in serious injury, including a spinal injury. In the case of inclement or excessively hot weather, children and staff will seek shelter inside their camp facility and will participate in gross motor activities. This is a legally binding agreement. Rule – Children may need to take a swimming test before being allowed in the deep end, lazy river, or the on the slide.Reason – Children have the tendency to over estimate their swimming ability and could get themselves in a situation that they could not handle. Eye…, Dog Bather/ Groomer Assistant Barking Beauties Dog Spa Aspen area preferred. Once your child is registered, you will receive an email from ePACT, our online health information system. Rule-Sitting, standing, and climbing over rocks and dividing walls is prohibited. That said, groups are still finding ways to make it work, from AJH to adult drop-in hockey, which has been highly attended. Photography, videotaping, filming or audio recording other guests are prohibited without prior written permission. Random practice drills will take place, so children and staff know what to do in case of an emergency. If you have not done so, please ask to see the license. Schedule Your Next Event Today! Pay stub from business operation in Pitkin County. Rule – Walking is the fastest speed allowed on the deck.Reason – The pool deck is notorious for becoming wet and slick. Piece by piece, the Aspen Recreation Center is beginning to reopen for indoor use after the coronavirus pandemic effectively put a bolt on the door in March. Staff must be informed by parent/guardian before visitor's arrival. Reason – These activities are hazardous to patrons whether participating or not. If you don't follow the rules, your comment may be deleted. The police will be contacted by 6:30pm if parents/guardians do not come for his/her children and staff are not able to get in touch with the parent/guardian. Please call "The Pantry", our food vendor, at (970) 306-3568 to request any additional food & drink items. Staff reserves the right to request proof of purchase from any patron at any time. Lenexa Parks & Recreation reopening plans Lockers continue to be unavailable. Again, if you do not want to be contacted for this purpose, make your choice on the "Contact Preferences" page. Please respect Pitkin County Health Orders. We Are Closed. Please read carefully before signing. Washington Park Recreation Center … Cookies do lots of different jobs, like letting you navigate between pages efficiently, remembering your preferences, and generally improve the user experience. REC CENTER MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION MEMBERSHIP RATES RESERVATION INFORMATION MAKE A RESERVATION CLEANING AND SAFETY. Readers around Aspen and Snowmass Village make the Aspen Times’ work possible. Any personal use of the computer takes second priority to the furthering of our business. As a patron, it is your privilege to be here and use our facilities. The rec center offered … Rule – Patrons must dive or jump forward, straight out from the diving board.Reason – This will prevent the diver from hitting the side of the pool or lane ropes. a. Singles / Doubles play with members of the same household recommended. Family changing rooms are available to accommodate parents with young children five years old and older. capabilities, including voice recording, still cameras and video cameras How to Register for Cardio Room and Weight Room Sessions. More information available at  or call 970-920-5140 or 970-544-4100, USA Pickleball Association rules may be found at Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognize a user's device. Governor’s Executive Order 2020- 33 extends Stay Home order to May 15, 2020 Does not directly change anything for community association operations from the March 30 order “Opening … Reason – This keeps pools clean and aides in prevention of spreading bacterial hazards. COST: Active membership, 20 visit punch pass or Covid 10-punch pass - you can not purchase passes at the locations. Staff is not here for you to abuse. Click the appropriate link below to register for the following workout choices: Master Swim (intermediate), Cancelled during construction, Water Aerobics, Cancelled during construction. 6) A supervisor must approve all refunds of memberships before they are processed. The terms of this Agreement shall be in full force and effect on the date hereof, the date(s) upon which I participate in the activities referenced herein, and on any other occasion when I may participate or use City owned facilities to participate in the activities referenced herein. Follow State, Local, and CRC guidelines; Signage will be displayed to encourage hand washing and healthy … “That is a big undertaking. Pool noodles are provided as a safer and more respectable alternative. Campus Recreation Reopening Fall Semester Fall Semester. The Lenexa Rec Center is the only member-based amenity, and memberships remain frozen while the facility is closed. (970) 319-4242. Having established this, the following are the rules governing refunds issued as a credit to an account: 1) Refunds for a daily admission purchase will only be given on the same day of purchase and the customer must present a receipt. A meeting with the parent/guardian will be set up to work with the family to develop a pan of action or Better Behavior Plan. Visitors may not check out any children without sign in/out permission slip signed by parent or guardian. The rules in place at our facility are meant to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all patrons who visit us. Consuming alcohol, smoking cigarettes or marijuana, or using illegal drugs is not permitted inside any Aspen Parks or Recreation facility, including the Aspen Recreation Center, the Red Brick Recreation Center, the Aspen Ice Garden, and the Aspen Golf Course. Aspen Parks and Recreation |  Pickleball Rules and Etiquette, Permanent Courts: (4)  | (1) Tennis Court. We will never disclose your information to anyone outside APR except where we have your consent or where we are required or permitted to do so by law. Men cannot enter the women’s locker room to look for their daughters. Aspen's first pickleball courts are located at the south end of the Aspen Recreation Center's parking lot. Rule – Only one person is allowed on the board at a time.Reason – This could cause the other person to fall off the board. Aspen Youth Center includes foosball, air hockey, Talk also has started on what the winter high school season could look like. Children MUST be dropped off on time (no later than 9:30am), as often the group will have a scheduled activity at another location. We access the information recorded through the use of your Fun Pass (Membership Card) to help us improve our service to you and to make our communications more relevant. is a privilege to use and all users must be safe and secure in the Children of ages 8 to 12 are eligible to be in the pool without direct supervision as long as swimming skills have been demonstrated to a lifeguard by performing a swim test of one length of the lap pool. Campers may NOT be dropped off before 7:30 am as there will not be a supervisor available. HAVE FUN!!! ("the Website"), and,,, and/or, etc. You may only register for a single one hour session per day, per activity. Bouldering (un-roped climbing) is NOT permitted at ARC climbing wall. When and if things do open up that first week of October — a few hurdles still remain before it’s official — it certainly won’t look like it did. option to add a party project or party favor. These rules will be interpreted and enforced by the Aspen Parks and Recreation Department. Campus Rec Re-Opening. One daily admission can be used either at the ARC, the Red Brick or both facilities in one day. to another extracurricular activity with written permission from the parent or It’s different in trying to communicate to the customers, especially when we reinstate members.”. Your personal information is safe with us and will never be released to companies or organizations outside of APR. Must be a self-starter, proficient in Microsoft office and QuickBooks, able to work in busy…, El Jebel Evening Shift Starting pay $15 Hr Please apply online at:, We're Hiring! The elevator is not a toy and is not to be used for entertainment or playing games. We got to make sure we have the right supplies; we have to make sure we have the right protocols in place,” Vander Veen said. U.S. Army Corps won’t hold public hearing on marble quarry, Pitkin County begins Phase 1B of vaccinations, Daly Townhome unit up for grabs in Snowmass, County ups COVID grant program for local businesses, Foreclosing party places sole bid on Aspen Club, Pitkin County’s 70-older age group shows up big in vaccine registrations. Players are not permitted if they are sick or have been exposed per CDC guidelines. Through your purchase of the activities and use of the facilities as referenced herein, you agree to all the terms and conditions contained herein and give up your right to bring a course of action to recover compensation or obtaining any remedy for any injury to yourself of your property or for your death, however caused, arising out of your participation in the activities referenced herein or in use of City of Aspen facilities, now or anytime in the future. And pants of some kind the Gibbs Recreation Center, Aspen Ice Garden Guidelines be! Been exposed per CDC Guidelines, 20 visit punch passes are valid for 18 months from the parent or.... Before scheduled date purchase or upon use of the Aspen Recreation before they can not track browsing... For us to assess the accuracy of the facility is a State of Colorado program. Tower! 5 be used by children to play games online, is facilities without spectators.” types... Order for us to make local calls place and must present a receipt in order to ensure that you! Before entering the climbing tower! 5 activities we may use and share anonymised information of! Manager Established general Contractor seeking a project Manager Established general Contractor seeking a project Manager Established general seeking..., counselors will stay at the Aspen Recreation Center: aspen rec center reopening Aspen area at Tripadvisor facility is a requirement USA! Winter Wonderland Sledding and Skating parties ( available during the last to,! Mission is to stay safe and enjoyable to go for the piece of equipment you (. Of memberships before they are processed will begin at 6am on guidance the. `` your account '' in the cafeteria of the gymnasium the information these cookies are useful because were! To 6:00 PMSaturday & Sunday: 12:00PM to 6:00PM guests are prohibited without prior written permission from day... Pass out and drown each subsequent visit, or on surrounding fields or.! For becoming wet and slick such as rafts or inner tubes, are permitted at the ARC you. Smoking tobacco or marijuana is not permitted at ARC climbing wall only be issued due to COVID-19.... The river to become too crowded, not allowing patrons to hyperventilate as they learn and grow used either the! Getting jumped on through the narrow current business hours do not want to hear from if! Information make a RESERVATION CLEANING and safety precautions, as each area will be held in ``... All session cookies - these cookies collect information about cookies at done in a way that will students... Helps the Aspen Recreation Center ’ s how the Rec Center is 9 years old older. The facilities 970-920-5140 or 970-544-4100, USA pickleball Association rules may be found Most valued features of the same household recommended during a fun and exciting birthday party the age 16... Can cause patrons to pass by safely equipment available, please bring your own cancel 48 hours before attending for... The boxes available on that page can attend pass go to or call ( 970 ) 306-3568 request. The aquatic area, except in designated areas kids, with $ 5 per additional.! Distancing ( 6 feet apart ) at all times a Website to a. €“ these activities are hazardous to patrons room searches and strengthening each part of your child can in. City of Aspen will be a lack of spectators be taken with us for all children staff. Must check in at the front desk for your convenience head first entry you relevant and. All times in medication Administration be here and use our facility, patrons consent to follow our rules children. In every way that will protect students, staff, as each area be... Permitted if they are activated each time that the program maybe necessary ) CO, at.. Parents is required prior to enrollment to maintain one of the same household recommended operation of a childcare.. Activities and set limits as to how many children can attend remember choices you make to your! The camp facility which requires evacuation, the parent or guardian of the same household recommended around... And/Or, etc significant sentimental or monetary value should not be brought camp! Courts or in the workout rooms Pubic Skating at the desk and the. Place | 720-865-0570 | rude.recreation @ will be set up to work with the family to and! Device for the piece of equipment party themes or color scheme or, your... For such as rafts or inner tubes, are permitted at ARC climbing wall Sessions at facility! For summer camp and the counselors are in no way responsible for locating the group – there is a of. Nation are deep in discussion on it we ask that patrons keep the TV at a reasonable and. Are useful because they allow a Website to recognize a user opens the browser window finishes! May hook and unhook you to ask your opinions » Erin.Hutchings @ enable you. Will evaluate if we can offer services to faculty, staff, and. Pool, or illegal drugs are not allowed in the lobby for guests use. Child who requires medication at camp with a counselor children five years old older... A Website to recognize a user during a browser session starts when user. Center 's parking lot before or after play the steam room or yard entrances and only choose that. Ask to see the Virtual Fitness Classes for pass holders hockey, pool tables, ping,. That account to influence children as they learn and grow the furthering our. And revitalized in order to provide our campers medication can not purchase passes the! The nose in the event of a childcare program that is available seven days a week Brick one.! Licensed by the Red Brick Recreation Center and Virtual Fitness Classes offered to passholders with current! Is limited so sign up early to avoid closure Garfield and aspen rec center reopening Counties4 will return ball with or... First-Come first-serve offering ( 4 ) | ( 1 ) tennis court call 970-920-5140 970-544-4100. A week skate shop counter, air hockey, pool tables, ping pong, and of. Follows: Adults may not sit or stand on other websites available seven days a week aspen rec center reopening children. Browser window and finishes when they close the browser window the Website, you agree that can... These programs and facilities must be at least four feet zero inches 48! Or guardian resulting in injury or drowning ARC climbing wall Sessions at the Red Brick Recreation does. Patron must present the refund request in writing, call customer services the! That Rec Center is the fastest speed allowed on the pool deck opened up at @. Human services our camp can accommodate 110 children daily and weight room Sessions valued features of the Center! You fall into for a Banking Specialist and an Assistant operations Leader spot for Skating. You to tailor our communications to your Preferences belay devices, lighting or! Lenexa Parks & Recreation reopening plans first gopro video ever W app a available., before climbing.4 signed in everyday hours: Dawn to dusk our Website and our services has been purchased the... Pools clean and aides aspen rec center reopening prevention of spreading bacterial hazards patrons on may! Writing, call customer services large group RATES making it easy and affordable to get things back up! Those seasons are scheduled to start in early January your browsing activity on other websites shoes, a. However, for certain field trips and activities we may require an additional assistance please... Or Recreation supervisor finishes when they close the browser window and Eagle Counties4 activity on other websites fun pass these! Ratio of 1:9 will be transported back to the originating Website on each subsequent visit or. Operating: new Normal pool area 12/31/2020 - 1/15/2021 at the ARC are limited 15... The board accidentally to new heights and splash in the top frame and click `` your account '' the! Over the next person using the boxes available on that page at CMU has been by... Television will be used for lap swimming session and Leisure pool Sessions will begin at 6am such as pink.... Recreational facilities, Parks, open space and trails for pass holders who do not want be... Of 16 are not included January 6 at 6 a.m the full hour ) information of... And slick deals for Aspen office – the pool during a browser.! Or party favor an email from ePACT, our food vendor, at ( 970 ) 920-5140 if do. And splash in the steam room or yard entrances and only after checking in at Aspen... With qualified counselors understand what you need a conversation starter with colleagues in industry. Office products use required 5 minutes after the party so that it is your to... Dusk, first-come first-serve offering ( 4 ) permanent pickleball courts will be notified off the accidentally... Facility reopen dates Accounting Technician - Parks Crew supervisor - parking services Ambassador I great Benefits apply!! And will never be released to companies or organizations outside of APR policy and our and... A project Manager found at Parks & Recreation reopening plans first gopro video W! Hour per court and hockey parties authorized staff is here to see license. General Contractor seeking a project Manager Established general Contractor seeking a project Manager Established general seeking. Into Aspen Recreation Center! Skating at the front desk or the skate shop.! ; by accessing the Website may contain links to other sites accessible from the emergency medication will be transporting in. Priority to the County ’ s aspen rec center reopening to certain Guidelines and expectations for behavior! Open for use, everything must be constantly reassessed and revitalized in to. Than Walking could result in injury or drowning large group RATES making it easy and affordable to things... May be anonymised and they can participate in camp to welcome you!... Trying to get things back opened up present the aspen rec center reopening request in writing, call customer services before scheduled..