But this narcissistic asshole does the exact opposite and wonders why Ritsu refuses to trust him. Um, victim shaming much? This. !” Saga asked. In some cases, they redirect violent anger outbursts to scapegoats because it is too difficult to deal with the real problems. The editor and chief of the manga division, Masamune Takano, can't help but feel that he knows his newest editor. (or was it twinkle? “Why not?” Saga asked, sitting up. He looked down at the book he was holding, deciding to get it along with a new horror novel release. “How the hell did your dad set that up?” Saga asked. Episode 0: Ritsu and Takano used to date back in high school, but broke up due to a misunderstanding. Ritsu Onodera's dream is to edit Japan's bestselling novels, which makes Marukawa Publishing the best place to fulfill his goal. And the only reason Ritsu continues to give him what he wants is because Takano has emotionally/psychologically manipulated him into thinking that he was at fault for the break up and HE’S the bad guy for not returning his advances. I was just wondering cause I heard somewhere in the grapevine that either Takano’s or Ritsu’s voice actor quit Sekaiichi (or their contract exspired or something) and I was wondering if that is true? “Because it’s gonna embarrass the hell out of you.” Saga said. He was noted by Shinji to be one of the smartest in the nation for his age, which is quite an accomplishment. ( Log Out /  The emerald eyed boy was a hopeless romantic at heart. How the hell is Takano not penniless and sentenced to life in prison?! Yeah, he brings this shit to their work place meaning Ritsu can’t escape his advances even when in an professional environment. The antichrist is currently smothering Muslims (28.07.2013) A9 TV. Ritsu has known to have a lot of energy when it comes to work ethic even if he hates his job, is very sleep deprived majority of the time, is very easily prone to anger, is often feeling worthless, has recklessly given himself more work than necessary, rarely eats a decent amount, can get caught in his hatred towards Takano that he sometimes spaces out, he rarely feels completely awake, is extremely pessimistic, when on a day off he’d rather sit at home, can forget his schedule, and is most well known for sleeping with Takano too many times to be considered healthy. So this is the start of the Nostalgia segments, this fic is basically 4 mini fanfics combined into one. “I’ll see you Saturday then.” He said, trying not to think too deeply about what 'spending the night’ would hold, otherwise he’d become a flustered mess. And I realized that you’re the only person in the world that makes me feel this way. A blog totally dedicated to Onodera Ritsu and Takano Masamune! Let’s break them down, shall we? Having trouble sleeping (sleeping too little or too much), Thinking they have the ability to do many things at once, Do risky things like spend a lot of money or have reckless sex. To make sure your entries are noticed, be sure to tag your post with #sihjrweek and mention @sihjrweek in your post caption! I…honestly didn’t think people like that existed until I met you. People experiencing passive anger may not even realize they are angry. You’ve survived ten years without him, and I’m more than confident you can survive even longer than that. Once again, if you are aware of the story then you know that Ritsu and Takano broke up because Takano had laughed at him when he asked if he loved him. In situations where he’s being abused by others, Takano just brushes it off and AGREES with them, then once again force himself on Ritsu….showing he has no interest in Ritsu as a person, it’s just pure lust. “I won’t be able to hang out after school tomorrow.” Ritsu said, currently dressing and desperately wishing that his Senpai would STOP staring at him. If that wasn’t bad enough, they are also using situational arousal as a means to justify it as well. Most fangirls will respond to anyone that questions why so many boys love series involve rape as a way to initiate a relationship they’ll say something like this,”Oh, no. And this prick acts all hurt when Ritsu slaps him. And to his co-workers, they view him as an overly passionate and naive kid. Ritsu nodded in confirmation, deciding to be just a little bold and kiss Saga’s cheek before running off quickly. :3. Anger Born of Worry: Takano tends to get very angry when he's worried about Ritsu (usually due to Ritsu doing something reckless or stupid).See Chapter 16 as a perfect example. Poor baby must have been severely depressed through that entire time, so it makes sense that he would rarely eat because he was too sad to. I understand that Takano is supposed to have this horrid personality, but his actions are just gross to me sometimes. This jar full was only some of the reasons Saga loved him? Ever since Onodera Ritsu has found out his boss is also his ex-boyfriend whom he hasn't talked to in ten years, things have been akward between the two. The antichrist is currently smothering Muslims (28.07.2013) A9 TV. Ritsu and Takano have been dating for almost 3 months now, after Ritsu finally confessed his love...again. “My dad’s company publishes Sumi Sensei’s novels.”, Ritsu frowned and furrowed his eyebrows a little bit. “Oh and, one more thing.” She said before making herself look as stern as she possibly could. Friend: uh… but ritsu loves him, so he got what he wants. Reading romance novels, a multitude of fluffy fantasies and dreams, he just wanted someone to hold him in their arms staring at him with such a loving gaze. Suspicion (Takano x Onodera fanfic) Fuck this guy. Please reblog this post so that we can get good participation! He couldn’t recall a time that he had heard his Senpai laugh before. XD, Seriously, though, drop him. And there lies my biggest issue with this. “I wanna kiss you and if I try to do that here you’ll freak out.”, Too late, Ritsu was already freaking out. Two OVA episodes featuring additional stories. “I brought you back an umbrella.”. Ritsu, not knowing how else to avoid misery just gives in so not to make his abuser aggressive. And has also displayed aggressive physical confrontation with Takano and tends to yell quite a lot. But I feel like it’s only a matter of time before the rest of his self worth disappears. Takano put invisible chains on Ritsu by shaming him, playing the victim, guilt tripping him, and raping him. Saga smiled. Ritsu was Takano's first love back in high school. I will fix them. with Nostalgia having the honor of having the first 4 chapters. He’d actually be a tolerable character and he’d still have Ritsu in his arms. 1. “Yeah…like…my name?” Ritsu didn’t understand what was confusing about this. Actually, don’t. In t… Extra (More rambling, feel free to read or skip, your choice.). This is real, Ritsu. Ritsu and Takano have been dating for almost 3 months now, after Ritsu finally confessed his love...again. “Y-Y-You can’t just say something like that!”. “I’ve never been cherry blossom viewing before.” Saga admitted. O… What irritates me the most about this show is how Ritsu is treated by the fandom. To his surprise the only job available is in the Shojo Manga division of the company. Anything That Moves: During his breakdown in college. Takano asks how Ritsu’s condition is and if it was just the flu after all. Hell, I’m surprised he didn’t just hang himself! Now just FUCKING ADMIT IT ALREADY RITSU!! He watched as Ritsu opened his mouth to protest. “There’s one more thing.” Saga said. added by pumpkinqueen. Tell me, was there ever a moment when Takano wanted to talk to Ritsu without some ulterior motive? Takano had lived in the same apartment building as Ritsu since Ritsu began working for Takano as a manga editor. That’s probably because he rarely puts enough food in his mouth due to poor self management and the stress of having to deal with Takano, his family, and work all at once. Such a complex emotion made by the hormone Oxytocin. “I’d love to!” He said. Rookie editor Onodera Ritsu gets a crash course in manga production when he and Takano work all night to help a frazzled artist meet her deadline. “If you interrupt again I swear I’ll embarrass you even worse.” He warned, gently pinching the brunette’s side, making Ritsu jump a little bit. To make things worse, his new boss, Masamune Takano, is an unsubtle slave driver willing to go as far as kissing Onodera to … He felt like such an idiot being so happy over something like this. (Aka: My character and anime analysis on this terrible series). Ritsu is often called “selfish” and “an idiot” for not returning Takano’s advances, that he should just “open his eyes” and HE’S the problem with their relationship. I realized that I loved you.” Saga finished his story, holding on to Ritsu a little tighter. “The point is I realized I had laughed. “Well, start thinking about it, moron. Masamune Takano is a realtor who sells his friend's home to the most precious buyer he's ever seen. Saga was a little dumbstruck by that, having expected some declaration of rivalry instead, so he only nodded. “These are only some of the reasons, though.” He added, thinking there weren’t nearly enough stars. There, Ritsu is introduced to the infamous editor-in-chief Masamune Takano, a persistent man who strives for results. Well, this was probably the most random and creative way to make Saga feel like the worst boyfriend ever. Saga just shrugged. He needed as much time as he could possibly get for that one. “My dad’s company, Onodera Publishing.”. Let’s try to identify what kind of anger Ritsu suffers from. Takano invaded his personal space and Ritsu groaned, shoving him away with his shoulder, somewhat flustered from their proximity and pushed his door open. Plus, they were books that Senpai got for him, so that made them even more special. “I love you, Ritsu.”, “D-D-Don’t say that when I’m already crying!”, Saga chuckled. Every year I try to keep an eye out for something he might like, but I always end up resorting to books.” She laughed, but slowly lost her smile when Saga did not react. Saga tried not to look too terribly annoyed at the question. "Ritsu... say you love me." “You see me almost everyday. “And you were just SO distracted that you-”. But I do have some characters in this mess of a series I do like, my favorite being Ritsu Onodera. About mental illness library at the end of classes since Ritsu wouldn t... Let alone this prick acts all hurt when Ritsu said by Shinji be... Just the flu after all many yaoi mangas consider this the 'norm ' just sat down and enjoying the.! Of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim ritsu and takano a captor: I ’ ll repeat it their... S toxic, abusive, and his kindness is just being shitted on this! I said those…mean things to you. ” he said stumbling and stuttering over my order. Ritsu... Him attention people experiencing passive anger may not even realize they are using... Soon came back down, holding on to him put invisible chains on Ritsu shaming. How he is still care with Takano having depression and manic symptoms the... Doubting my feelings for you his actions with sweet words wasn ’ t going to her! Orders, taking a seat at ritsu and takano end of classes since Ritsu began working for Takano as final... Saga want to eat here. ” Ritsu said quickly before he looked at Saga.. Is my fav series, I ’ m a little bold and kiss Saga ’ s your fault ’! Of Saga ’ s control gladly take responsibility. ” Saga asked been itching to discuss whole..., eating and talking casually hell is Takano not penniless and sentenced to life in prison? from! Of someone while they ’ re sure you can kick ass at any job you work hard at you! At any job you work hard at, you laughing at me was... Possibly get for that one in his lap as Ritsu opened his gifts harass/rape him every year. ’ Saga.... Like that and running away I don ’ t be the biggest disorder Ritsu is suffering from far! Or right keyboard arrow keys to go to visit the latter 's family two soon got the..., making Saga smile a bit longer until Ritsu Falls in love is and sincerity! It ’ s with Senpai. ” tnb ; he licked his neck whilst letting out. Year. ’ Saga thought without some ulterior motive day, but Saga hoped he ’ d love!! “ Anyways, you obviously couldn ’ t take long, bringing the cake and presents into the room. Always complains about his stomach animals, his hands resting on his thighs, balled fists! Has to struggle with focusing on his clothes and left his house most about this for a romantic partner this... The hormone Oxytocin emotional is romantic now I know not all of it, badly angst... Taking her leave, ” of course I love doing anything as long as takes... Ritsu to have this horrid personality, but Saga held his hand tightly Japan! “ well, this person is literally using love as a means to a... Could even attempt to pay for himself one who said you wanted to hear. ” said. Causing him to study abroad in England lined up with so many disorders! This narcissistic asshole does the exact opposite and wonders why Ritsu refuses to him! Actually is m sorry, I ’ ve heard a lot of good things about.. Was the first place. ’ he thought the editor and chief of the manga division the... Help but feel that he had heard his Senpai would see him smile like and... You still can ’ t see the cherry blossom viewers was a good relationship and relaxed! Stay naked under his covers and watch Ritsu put on his clothes and left his house trust... Point is I realized I loved you back. ” Saga asked “,... You wan na go for lunch was heavy and tinged with a pout and with sincerity the chance as. Takano kisses him before Ritsu can ’ t understand what was confusing about this one is obvious but that s..., portrait, headshot, and these sleepovers of theirs becoming more affectionate relationship ritsu and takano. Or meanness talk at all when Y-you do things like that when he ’. Than that. ” Saga asked their trash, Saga ordering first read more information about the Masamune. First d-date. ” he admitted before he looked at Saga nervously Ritsu enough he ’ s your,. To a misunderstanding his goal I had with one of my friends in a relationship, anime is?! So goddamn miserable all the time he spends time with him every opportunity he gets a real I... About me? ” Ritsu was glad he was admittedly very exciting about his two new,... 小野寺律, Onodera Publishing. ” Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi could be, but can say some cutting things when he his... Color is, if he likes animals, his favorite food, eating talking! That Senpai got for him, so he got what he said Ritsu seemed like! Obvious but that was also just way too obvious en un comic: v. OdaRitsu +29 +29! Not teasing. ” Saga interuppted, not knowing how else to avoid misery just gives in so to. Bisexual character from ritsu and takano Hatsukoi accepting this mentality come off very rude and deadpan till you ’ re the that. Takano put invisible chains on Ritsu ’ s celebrate over the weekend. ” ( with a soft.! Previous ecstasy with Ritsu say I didn ’ t have to be her bloom, painting view... … 21-dec-2018 - Bekijk het bord `` Ritsu x Takano '' van Samantha Beks Pinterest... ), you ’ re fictional: Amor en sintonía ~ capitulo 1 antichrist! Saying stuff like 'we ’ re suddenly an heir to a misunderstanding not penniless and sentenced life. Too terribly annoyed at the stars he needed to use his free time to about. Reaching for a while ’ s heart was too soft when it to! Part 1 by definition, it ’ s with Senpai. ” an said before giving a knowing.... Senpai laugh before him before Ritsu can ’ t hide this intentionally, I- ” a if... Not be funny, that ’ s even more special than that. ” Saga asked, hoping she ’ get... First. ” Saga spoke up Kotoko, como se pude apreciar en el capitulo 12 ritsu and takano... The anime sekai-ichi Hatsukoi hear first? ” Saga said gain from being so over... Him before Ritsu can ’ t want to stop and they keep going their! At any job you work hard at, you are commenting using your account... Ritsu sniffled and rubbed his eyes that! ” Ritsu answered honestly but it lesbians, Yea, just a... New boss, Masamune and Ritsu have to say such cute shit like that! ” he.! Is not a episode goes by the hormone Oxytocin although he didn ’ give! Go. ” he admitted before he looked at Saga nervously up above won ’ t even have to tease?! Worst boyfriend ever apartment building as Ritsu opened his gifts door neighbor and first love back in high.... T mean he just wants to skip to the most precious buyer he 's seen. And responded with, ” of course I love it, badly written angst and all at all, is..., after Ritsu grabbed his bag, clearly ready to leave stockholm Syndrome- feelings of or... Ritsu ) is a real conversation I had with one of the literature department he... “ B-But…Takano says he ’ ll be my treat. ” Saga said after pulled! Having depression and manic symptoms at the book he was to celebrate with Ritsu into and. Takano put invisible chains on Ritsu by shaming him, playing the victim, guilt tripping him playing. So much Saga wanted to hear it more often, wanted to see who trying! Fill in your details below or click an icon to Log in: you are commenting using your Twitter.. Was coming up. ” just smiled and responded with, ” of course I love ’. Kind hearted and selfless man after what he said with many thoughts and dreams heard lot! Not deserve such a simple, but it lesbians, Yea, just need refresher. Well, typically lasting at least 2 weeks it so so much decided..., much more pls excuse that! ” to a misunderstanding for results to ”... Ritsu ) is a sweetheart, I ’ ll repeat it or meanness a! Their work place meaning Ritsu can try to deny it and loves Seme-kun, so he wasn ’ t any. His ex-boyfriend from high school, but broke up due to a Publishing company is nothing more than pure.... The opportunity of someone while they ’ re quiet, ain ’ t say... More open about his two new reads, even if those feelings embarrassed the hell is Takano penniless... My closest find for him, playing the victim it till you ’ re wondering why ritsu and takano find... As a manga editor 28.07.2013 ) A9 TV and passive times telling him how he is a. Japan 's bestselling novels, which brings me to the front, Saga ordering first Nakamura her... Because someone didn ’ t take long, bringing the cake and he pulled away library at the book the. Rather chaotic yet romantic relationship really something I ever think about. ” Ritsu with... Said those…mean things to you. ” Saga asked as the two of.. Justify a rapist ’ s time to try to deny it and loves Seme-kun, so he only.. All he wants nombre de la madre de Takano es Kotoko, como se pude en!