Syngenta Icon 125g Insecticide, Lambda Cyhalothrin, 125 Gram ₹ 165/ Piece Get Latest Price. We are developing seeds that require less water and products that will allow crops to grow in dry conditions. Instead, sprinkle the … Read about company. Get Latest Price Request a quote. Also exhibits anti-feeding action. Former. MatadorMatador with ZEON TECHNOLOGY sets a new standard in insecticide technology. Agri-Mek SC Insecticide. Federal Label Search. Insecticides help minimize this damage by controlling insect pests. We’re one of the world’s largest developers and producers of high-quality healthy seeds for farmers, commercial growers and retailers. Rs 190/ Unit Get Latest Price. Special Labels . Nematodes are a huge challenge for soybean growers in particular: in the US alone, the cost of lost soybean can be more than a billion dollars a year . We design them and it can take 8 to 10 years to reach commercial launch. Syngenta Cymbush Insecticides, Bottle, 200ml. Read about how ELATUS™ restored growers’ confidence. Delivering a step change in leaf spot control (such as Cercospora, Alternaria and Venturia) and excellent control of powdery mildew in many crops, ADEPIDYN™ is also highly effective against difficult-to-control diseases such as Fusarium Head Blight, Botrytis, Sclerotinia and Corynespora, which cause severe damage on key crops. Subscribe to our media alerts and receive notifications by email every time we issue a media release. (g)/Ha Formulation Requirement / Ha Scope Triangle 1 Pryriproxifen 10% SC Lano Sumitomo Chem. It is not phytotoxic on any crops if used at recommended doses. We are developing new higher yielding seeds and better ways to protect crops from insects, weeds and diseases. Acaricide 2. Barley (2) Apply Barley filter Broccoli/Calabrese (2) Apply Broccoli/Calabrese filter Brussels sprout (1) Apply Brussels sprout filter Brussels sprouts (1) Apply Brussels sprouts filter Cabbage (2) Apply Cabbage filter Carrot (1) Apply Carrot filter Carrots (1) Apply Carrots filter Cauliflower (2) Apply Cauliflower filter Combining Peas (2) Apply Combining Peas filter Get Quote. Our innovation has given growers a powerful tool to manage insects in all major field crops, including corn, soybean and sunflower, in multiple countries. Effective and long-lasting with an excellent environmental profile, Altriset termiticide is the latest innovation in liquid termiticide chemistry that is changing the face of … Search for Syngenta products, including insecticides, rodenticides and more. Syngenta insecticides provide control for a broad spectrum of damaging pests including caterpillar, aphid and several other species. Decis Horticulture Label; Decis Horticulture MSDS; Application Tips Crop Insects Rate; Apples: Apple aphid: 200 mL/ha … Syngenta recently announced the global launch of spiropidion, an innovative new insecticide active ingredient. Syngenta’s predecessor, Ciba-Geigy, introduced the insecticide Galecron chlordimeform in 1966, which was removed from the market in 1988. Insecticides help minimize this damage by controlling insect pests. Syngenta is a world market leader in crop protection products, offering farmers an extensive toolbox of solutions. Groups and Active Ingredients. Timing and frequency of applications should be based upon insect populations reaching economic thresholds. First available to rice growers in Asia, ISABION® is being offered in more countries and for other crops. Apples; Asparagus; Blueberries; See All Crops; Pests Controlled. Contact Supplier Request a quote. The official website of Syngenta Canada Inc., offering integrated crop solutions to help Canadian growers produce robust yields and high-quality crops. Insecticides are available online for sale at Agriculture Shop. Has a quick knock-down and repellence effect on pests. Syngenta plays a critical role in harnessing the power of plants to meet these challenges. of spray per acre. It has unique water soluble packaging made for accuracy in dosage and user safety. Crop protection is one of the world’s most highly regulated industries. Syngenta Ask Price. These seed treatments can protect crops from pests and diseases to enhance early development. Fungicides prevent and cure diseases which can have adverse effects on crop yields and quality. Make your selection for the desired product(s) using one or more of the following options then click the submit button. Get latest prices, ... Syngenta Cymbush Insecticides, Bottle, 200ml ₹ 190/Unit. Syngenta is a global, science-based agtech company with 28,000 employees in 90 countries – find out everything you need to know at a glance. It delivers immediate crop protection through permanent feeding inhibition. Ampligo AMPLIGO 150 ZC is encapsulated in tiny ZEON® capsules (ZC), Acts faster and quick results are visible, Dosage – 80 to 100 ml per acre, Excellent insecticide mixture containing Chloratranilprole (10 %)+ Lambdacyhalothrin (5%) ZC, Visibly fast acting insecticide mixture having ovi - larvicidal action too. Actara                                                                                                            Second generation neonicotinoid for controlling foliar and soil pests in many crops at low use rates, in a variety of application types. Patents GB 1413491 to NRDC Manufacturers Agro-Chemie; Agrochem; Aimco; Ankur; Atabay; BASF; Bharat; DE-NOCIL; Dhanuka; Dow AgroSciences; Ficom; FMC; Gharda; Jiangsu Yangnong; Krishi Rasayan; Lucava; … Agrovademedum de fitosanitarios Gratuito Infoagro Laxmi Fertilizers & Seeds. Find here Syngenta Insecticide, Actara Insecticide wholesaler & Wholesale Dealers in India. The Advance Agriculture 3,034 views New Exhibits good overall crop outlook and better crop greening with more branches and flower initiation. Prakash … Chess Chess is new chemistry which provides powerful control against Rice plant hopper . Cymbush Syngenta Insecticide. Literature References: Synthetic pyrethroid insecticide, usually exists as a mixture of cis and trans isomers. Its new mode of action expands our market-leading fungicide portfolio and helps address increasing resistance to some products. From the moment a seed is planted through to harvest, crops need to be protected from weeds, insects and diseases as well as droughts and floods, heat and cold. CYMBUSH with trademark number 315585 was lodged on 08/02/1978 and has a status of Removed - Not Renewed . We provide all kind of Agricultural Seeds, pesticides,fungicides etc. Our scientists accelerate innovation to bring farmers safe and sustainable new products, helping them mitigate the impacts of climate change. Without crop protection, farmers would not be able to feed the world, We have 5,000 R&D colleagues all over the world solving farmers’ challenges, There’s more information about the Syngenta Crop Protection business in our Sustainable Business Report. It is suitable for use on any major crops because of its wide scope of action. Chomu, Jaipur, Rajasthan. Nematodes are microscopic worm-shaped soil organisms that cause significant damage to all major agricultural crops. El ingrediente activo ingresa a la hoja en forma translaminar. We’re the world leader in protecting crops, providing farmers with advanced and sustainable ways to keep plants healthy from sowing to harvesting. Nashik, Maharashtra. Get Quote. We adapt our agricultural solutions to serve professionals on golf courses and in communities, flower producers and home gardeners. Seed Care. You are here. ISABION®, a biostimulant, helps such plants to better withstand these stresses. Herbicides remove weeds which compete … Insects like caterpillars and aphids can significantly reduce crop yields and quality. 3. Keep pesticides in their original containers – ones that clearly identify the contents. Incorporated in the year 2017, LiveAgri Station Private Limited is regarded amongst the notable wholesaler and trader of a high quality array of Agriculture Herbicide, Agriculture Insecticide and Plant Growth Promoter. Acephate 95% SG: Hunk (TATA) ~ It targets Stem borer, leaf folder & BPH on Paddy ~ It has strong systemic molecule and is highly soluble and longer duration control. Vertimec (Syngenta), Tagmec 1.9 EC (Tropical), ABC 1.85% EC (KR) ... A versatile organophosphate group insecticide with both contact and systemic action. Techincal Name Trade Name Manfacturer / Distributor General Code for Pesticide Formulation a.i. To gain and maintain registration, a chemical must be shown to be safe for workers, the environment, crops and consumers. Home » Fungicides. It is specially made for vegetables. Contact Seller Ask for best deal. A weekly report is published showing the proportion of peach potato aphid (Myzus persicae) carrying Turnip yellows virus (TuYV). Don’t wash it away. Plant growth regulator Chitosan cas: 9012-76-4; Plant growth regulator forchlorfenuron CPPU 99%TC KT-30 cas 68157-60-8 Pests and diseases are a constantly evolving threat, and the changing environment makes it even harder for farmers to grow their crops. HOW TO USE KARATE®5 EC KARATE® 5 EC is highly active (by contact and ingestion) against a wide range of insect pests - see table. Weeds that are resistant to the herbicide glyphosate can cause significant yield losses and raise the costs of crop protection for growers. View Products >> ... Altriset Insecticide. Get contact details & address of companies engaged in wholesale trade, manufacturing and supplying Syngenta Insecticide, Actara Insecticide, Durivo Insecticide across India. Amistar Broadest spectrum Strobilurin with an excellent environmental file, optimizing yield and quality … Our seed treatments protect the seeds in the soil when they are exposed to insects, nematodes and droughts. We bring these together with new monitoring techniques, precision application, fast-developing digital technologies and new breeding techniques. PegasusPegasus is a new specialty, research based insecticide from Syngenta for the excellent control of whitefly nymphs and mites. The information provided on these specimen labels may not reflect the current or actual information, including precautions and instructions for use, which you are required to follow in your specific state or locality. We are developing seeds that require less water and products that will allow crops to grow in dry conditions. 25% granules are spread in water Farewell to the insightful sucking insects . Other products of this supplier. The technology will help farmers protect a broad range of crops against damaging and difficult-to-control sucking pests in a targeted, effective and … Get Quote. Your session has expired. ELATUS™ is a ground-breaking fungicide that provides superior, longer-lasting control of soybean rust and a broad range of fungal diseases. M/s Shubham Enterprises - Offering Cymbush Syngenta, 100ml at Rs 105/ml in Jalna, Maharashtra. MATCH ® es un insecticida regulador del crecimiento de los insectos que interfiere con la síntesis de la quitina. We don’t work alone but have collaborations with many partners such as universities, research institutes and sustainable agriculture experts. Along with unsurpassed spectrum of control of the most damaging pests on a wide range of crops, the product now offers reduced toxicity hazard and improved residual activity. (-) Remove Insecticide filter Insecticide; Crop Enhancement (1) Apply Crop Enhancement filter ; Fungicide (11) Apply Fungicide filter ; Herbicide (8) Apply Herbicide filter ; Seedcare (2) Apply Seedcare filter Syngenta has been developing innovative on-seed protection for over 30 years. With its extended residual control and tank-mix convenience, Agri-Mek ® SC miticide/insecticide offers exceptional mite and insect control on soybeans, nuts, fruit and vegetables. (-) Remove Insecticide filter Insecticide; Fungicide (26) Apply Fungicide filter Non-Selective Herbicide (2) Apply Non-Selective Herbicide filter Seed Care (5) Apply Seed Care filter Selective Herbicide (10) Apply Selective Herbicide filter الرعاية البذور (1) Apply الرعاية البذور filter المبيدات الحشرية (6) Apply المبيدات الحشرية filter It is a fast acting stomach and contact insecticide effective against a broad spectrum of foliar pests. SORBA® 050 EC es un insecticida regulador del crecimiento de insectos, que actúa inhibiendo la síntesis de quitina y con acción ovicida. Pegasus is a new specialty, research based insecticide from Syngenta for the excellent control of whitefly nymphs and mites. ADEPIDYN™ is a new fungicide belonging to the carboxamide chemical class and the first member of a new chemical group N-methoxy-(phenyl-ethyl)-pyrazole-carboxamide. How crop protection strengthens the farmers’ toolbox, Successful crop protection starts with planting, Syngenta Professional Solutions: contributing to healthy environments, Our key crop protection products and innovations, Accelerate innovation for farmers and nature, Creating an environment where all employees can be themselves, Find more about our brands in our products list, ACURON®: A breakthrough against resistant weeds, ADEPIDYN™: A unique broad-spectrum fungicide, CLARIVA®: Control of a major threat to soybeans, ELATUS™: Control of soybean rust and other diseases, FORTENZA®: Combatting insects in major crops, ORONDIS™: A step change for vegetable growers, ISABION®: Overcoming natural threats to rice. Plant growth regulator Chitosan cas: 9012-76-4; Plant growth regulator forchlorfenuron CPPU 99%TC KT-30 cas 68157-60-8 Teknologi perlindungan tanaman kami dibuat melalui riset yang panjang, berdasarkan ilmu pengetahuan, dan dengan tetap memperhatikan faktor keamanan dan keselamatan pengguna. Matador, Syngenta contains Lambdacyhalothrin 5 CS. Feature &Benefits: Being broad spectrum it affords control over all sucking, biting and chewing pests of crops of Cotton, Okra, Brinjal etc. Matador® 120EC - Insecticide | Syngenta CA Matador 120EC insecticide Matador® 120EC insecticide protects a wide range of crops from insect damage that can rob you of yield and quality. We provide all kind of Agricultural Seeds, pesticides,fungicides etc. Get contact details and address | ID: 22553979330 Activity: eidem, Pestic. Buy these best quality products to make good farming of chilies for farmers. es un insecticida que actúa por ingestión de acción prolongada debido a la estructura de la molécula. ... Insecticides control insect pests like whiteflies, aphids,mealybugs, thrips etc. Protecting crops means investing significantly in research and development. Insecticides help minimize this damage by controlling insect pests. Produk Kami. Active Ingredients: Abamectin Resistance Management: Label Downloads … Doorstep and COD delivery online. Syngenta Ecuador. a.l./200-300 gallons of water. History Insecticide reported by M. Elliott et al. They also include technologies that support strong and healthy plant growth. This insecticide is very effective for the control of biting, chewing and sucking insect pests of cotton and other crops including grasshoppers, locusts and armyworm. No: 10182 - DIRECTIONS FOR USE It Is a violation 01 federal law to use this product In a manner In(;onslstent with Its labeling Apply CYMBUSH~ 2E Insecticide as shown in the following chart. CYMBUSH~ 2E Insecticide EPA Reg. Matador Insecticide Ask Price. The applicant/owner of the trademark is registered as Syngenta Limited. PROCLAIM® OPTI, es un insecticida que actúa por ingestión PROCLAIM® OPTI, es un insecticida del grupo de las Avermectinas, de ingrediente activo Emamectin benzoate, el cual controla eficazmente larvas de lepidópteros. Brand: or. Durante la aplicación del producto, el operador evitará el contacto con el follaje húmedo. Es muy eficaz contra insectos, larvas y adultos de orugas, pulgones, escarabajos, chinches, prays, minadores y moscas.Tiene un efecto rápido y persistente sobre las plagas. Emulsifiable Concentrate; Packaging. INSECTICIDES / ACARICIDES / MITICIDES Technical Brand Name Application Dose / Acre Mode of Action 1. Call +91-8046029965. The official website of Syngenta Canada Inc., offering integrated crop solutions to help Canadian growers produce robust yields and high-quality crops. Syngenta Voliam Flexi Insecticide | Cotton | फॉल आर्मी वर्म | Thiomethoxam 17.5%, Chlorantranilipral - Duration: 2:56. Insecticide; Crops. Buy Cymbush by Syngenta Online at Best Price. In case of Capsule Suspension insecticides,the active ingredient is sealed in tiny thin-walled capsules … Syngenta Group products and services are designed to help make crops more efficient, preserve biodiversity, and combat the effects of climate change. Karate 5EC is a broad-spectrum insecticide containing lambda-cyhalothrin as the active ingredient. Controls Cotton Aphid in Cotton, Kelly's Citrus Thrips in Citrus, and Whiteflies and Aphids in Tomatoes. Syngenta Foundation India; Careers. Agri-Mek SC protects yield by providing a reservoir of protection with its locally systemic active ingredient, abamectin. Regulatory guidelines for safe and effective use of crop … Citrus (1) Apply Citrus filter Cucurbits (1) Apply Cucurbits filter Field Tomatoes (1) Apply Field Tomatoes filter Forage Brassicas (4) Apply Forage Brassicas filter Grapes (2) Apply Grapes filter Horticultural Brassicas (1) Apply Horticultural Brassicas filter Kale (1) Apply Kale filter Kiwifruit (3) Apply Kiwifruit filter Leafy Vegetable (1) Apply Leafy Vegetable filter Seed Treatments. 1 L Jug; Labels. We develop and produce herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and seed treatment products that promote strong and healthy growth. Sudden or extreme heat and cold threaten the health of young rice plants. Whatever the solution, we take our responsibilities seriously when it comes to making each one safe and sustainable for farmers, the whole of society and the planet. Fungicides . Insecticides : ACTARA® is a second generation neonicotinoid for controlling foliar and soil … Insecticide It Contains Cypermethrin 25%EC is effective Against Sucking, Chewing Pest of Cotton, Brinjal, Okra etc. It is used to combat early-season pests both above ground, on foliage, and below, as a seed treatment. They can be based on world-class chemistry or naturally occurring substances and processes (biocontrols). Karate Syngenta Insecticides. (Crystal), Ortain (Coromandel), … What do different crop protection products do? Whether we design a breakthrough ‘blockbuster’ molecule or develop an active ingredient for a specific purpose, our product development is driven by scientific insights gained by working closely with farmers in the field. Aplicador: Para pulverización con tractor, durante la mezcla/carga, limpieza y mantenimiento del equipo se deberá utilizar ropa de trabajo y guantes de protección química como mínima medida de protección individual. It has got a good synergistic effect with … Syngenta Icon 125g Insecticide, Lambda Cyhalothrin, 125 Gram Saya Sales Pvt. It also complements the performance of insect-resistant seed traits. Good residual activity on treated plants. Never put pesticides into food containers, such as empty soft drink or milk bottles. At our vendors’ well-equipped processing unit, the provided range of products is formulated by the use of superb quality chemical compounds and contemporary technique. Ambush provides highly effective and cost efficient control, … Spread the knowledgeHi all, I have collected a list of all the major insecticides available in the market and arranged them in a learn-able organized tabular form. Insecticides Syngenta insecticides provide control for a broad spectrum of damaging pests including caterpillar and several other species. Cypermethrin is a Synthetic Pyrathroid Insecticide It is Extremely Active Against A Large Numbers Of Insect And Also Hemipetra And Coleptera Its Control Insect Wich Have Become Resistable/Tolerant To Conventional Insecticide 1 Bottle View information on states, crops, pests, application rates and worker safety. Aphids; Apple Brown Bug; Leafrollers; See All Pests Controlled; Pests Suppressed. Our work to meet this challenge led to a series of new products including ACURON®, a herbicide used in cereals, which is based on a new chemical combined with three other active ingredients. For Rice growers VIRTAKO is a unique, new generation granule insecticide having excellent control and long lasting protection from Stem Borer. ORONDIS™ can be used at significantly lower rates than other fungicides. Packaging Size : 200ml : Brand : Syngenta : Packaging Type : Bottle : Form : Liquid : Shelf Life : 24 Months : Usage : Agriculture : View Complete Details. We include safety and sustainability criteria from the very beginning. Syngenta TZ Label book DESCRIPTION KARATE 5 EC is a wide spectrum insecticide containing lambda-cyhalothrin for control of insect pests of cotton and other crops including grasshoppers, locusts and army worm. It acts through contact (direct on pest), residual (on plant) and stomach activity thus stopping pest damage to crops immediately. Verified Supplier. Activo sobre las larvas de todas las edades (jóvenes y desarrolladas) que ingieren el producto. Consider selective insecticides, with a limited range of target pests, to avoid harm to non-target organisms. It has less odour and hence easy to use. Martin Clough, now Head CP R&D Technology & Digital Integration speaks from our Stein R&D Center about the innovation behind precisely-designed active ingredients. ORONDIS™ offers vegetable and specialty crop growers a new level of control over diseases such as downy mildew and late blight, which devastate crops and diminish yields. Labels & SDS. We develop and produce herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and seed treatment products that promote strong and healthy growth. As a world market leader in crop protection, we help farmers to counter these threats and ensure enough safe, nutritious, affordable food for all – while minimizing the use of land and other agricultural inputs. No entrar al cultivo hasta que esté seco. Kotamgaon Road, Laslgaon, Nashik Gala No 28, Bhagribaba Shopping Center, Kotamgaon Road, Laslgaon, Nashik - 422603, Dist. Deltamethrin - Group 3; Formulation Type. Casebaarer For larger trees which could require Pecan Weevil 200-300 gallon. The largest crop markets affected by insects are in fruit and vegetables, cotton, rice and corn. Insects like caterpillars and aphids can significantly reduce crop yields and quality through their feeding. Select the files you need to download and click on the download selected files button. Storage. Download PDFs. Doorstep and COD delivery online. Prepn of racemic mixture: M. Elliot et al., DE 2326077; eidem, US 4024163 (1974, 1977 to NRDC). By using ELATUS™ as the mainstay of disease control programs, growers benefit from more consistent performance, leading to higher and more predictable yields. By enhancing a plant’s nutrient uptake, ISABION® mitigates the impact of both heat and cold – something that is particularly important considering climate change. CYMBUSH 5-EC de SYNGENTA AGRO, S.A.. Presentación, número de registro, toxicología, plazo de segurirar. India. SC […] Insects like caterpillars and aphids can significantly reduce crop yields and quality through their feeding. FORTENZA® was specifically developed to control Lepidoptera and chewing and sucking pests. Product Information; Registered uses: Citrus, sugar cane, tobacco, ornamentals, cereals, linseed and a range of vegetables: Pack size: 1 L, 5 L: Formulation: EC: Active ingredient: 500 g/L PERMETHRIN: AMBUSH ® is a tried and trusted synthetic pyrethroid concentrate for the effective control of a range of insects. Crop Group: Product Type: Please read the following before submitting query: Crop protection methods vary around the world. The CYMBUS~3E rates are Black Pecan Aphid based on a standard 01 100 gallons of Pecan Nut dilute spray per acre for smaller trees. Ltd. Featuring the power of iCAP™ technology, Demand CS easily adheres to pests’ waxy cuticles as they travel along a treated surface, which helps ensure lasting control. Developed by Ciba-Geigy, ICI (both now Syngenta AG), Mitchell Cotts and Shell International Chemical Co. (now BASF AG). Insecticides. It improves the control of more than 70 weeds that are increasingly difficult for growers to manage, such as Palmer amaranth and giant ragweed. Syngenta plays a critical role in harnessing the power of plants to meet these challenges. 3.9 /5 ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ Rating 3.9 … PRODUCT INFORMATION MATADOR 120EC is a photostable, synthetic pyrethroid insecticide. (-) Remove Treatment: Insecticide filter Treatment: Insecticide; Remove collection. So, we’re accelerating the pace of our innovation to meet constantly changing natural threats and society’s increasing expectations. Refasten all childproof caps tightly. Farmers of all sizes in all agricultural systems must meet the needs and expectations of food processors and retailers, consumers, society and our planet. Su modo de acción es específico para artrópodos, inhibiendo el crecimiento de larvas, especialmente de lepidópteros y de coleópteros.