by The Storage Queens. About the Shop Towel Holder: Dimensions: 12.375″ wide x 6.25″ deep x 5.25″ tall (29.2mm wide x 15.9mm deep x 13.3mm tall). Oct 23, 2014 - Plans for building a holder for paper towels. Too gorgeous!! but the other day when i deep cleaned the kitchen for the first time in months, i noticed how gross and rusty ours was – i headed out to the hardware store that day. That’s been okay, but this is much better. Since I don’t have sink in the shop, this has become my go-to arrangement for glue squeeze-out clean up. This hanging wooden bead is for those eclectic lovers, I hope you will be inspired by the idea. Toilet paper is the most important thing which is widely used in the kitchen. Hello The 36th Avenue readers! The paper towel holder that I gathered for you today are very easy and quick to make, and won’t cost you much. — Gayle Fikuar This is one of the simplest things I’ve made for the shop, and one of my most favorite things to date. Since this method requires very little water, I only every have to fill my water bottle once every week or so. It gives you a single place to know where the towels are, and stabilizes it for you so you can more easily operate it with one hand. With simply a couple of piping materials from your native hardware store, you’ll be able to create this impressive towel holder for your home. When we were designing our kitchen for the One Room Challenge, I knew I wanted to get our paper towels up off of the counter, especially since we don’t have that much counter space to begin with in our small kitchen. So I always ended up having to try to tear a towel off one-handed, and many times that resulted in the roll rolling across the shop floor…sometimes unrolling itself. Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window). Handmade Wooden Paper Towel Holders. It would take less time to finish. This paper towel holder is known as Suspended copper Pipe. This is another good choice for you. For those trendy, efficient lovers out there, this suspended copper pipe is the excellent possibility for you. The problem with the free-floating roll is that I have to look around to find it, and then when I need a paper towel, I have to find a way to hold the roll while I tear one off. paint roller, hang it on a nail and put a roll of paper … If you never did any DIY project before, I suggest you to start with this one. Not only is it easy, and fashionable because of the material, however, since it’s hanging from below the cupboards, it keeps the extra clutter up off your countertops and makes the world look a lot of easy and clean. Today’s DIY paper towel holder is an easy one, and a space saver, too! Paper towels. If so, cut the excess off of both pieces of leather. Hello, my smart readers!! I hope you would inspire by these amazing ideas of DIY paper towel holder. Supplies. Welcome to my diy bracelet holder post! ... learn how to make a paper towel holder. I was totally inspired by this copper pipe paper towel holder, but my version is even easier because you don’t need to cut pipe or use glue–everything just screws together. Which can be made up of pure metal. Your email address will not be published. Step 4: Using a 5/16" bit, drill a hole into the top end of the dowel. It's true. ... Next, hold your paper towel holder up in its future home to make sure that the leather pieces are the correct length and that it doesn’t hang down too low. Paper Towel Holder: All it takes is one trip to the hardware store to make this copper pipe paper towel holder in […] Reply 17 Impossibly Cute Kitchen Decor Ideas That Only Look Expensive | DIY … Learn how to make a paper towel holder in your shop over the holidays. This DIY Industrial Paper Towel Holder is the perfect DIY touch for any industrial or farmhouse kitchen. If you like this DIY project, you’ll love all the ones you find over at Squirrelly Minds, as well as the great recipes. July 24, 2017 . (You can add a 3rd in the center if you choose.) Your email address will not be published. That’s been okay, but this is much better. Even bigger improvements are ahead, but I thought that adding this built-in paper towel holder would be a fun and quick project. This DIY works as either a bar to store hand towels, or as a paper towel holder. Making a simple Paper towel holder for the kitchen out of Scrap lumber. Stick 2 strips to the back of the paper towel holder. I wanted a large shelf that takes advantage of the fact that it has to hold a paper towel roll. Our paper towel holder will fit in perfectly with the industrial vibe in our lake house .. DIY Industrial Paper Towel Holder Tutorial STEP 1. Either way, the best part is the magnets (side note - every time I think about magnets I can't help but channel Dwight Schrute's feeling about them).There is a lot of wasted space on my fridge as far as storage is concerned. STEP 2. With just a few piping materials from your local hardware store, you can make this awesome paper towel holder for your home. Based on the popularity of this design (it gets downloaded…A LOT), it seems like I wasn’t the only one looking for something like this. Nov 25, 2019 - From kitchens to bathrooms to classrooms to workplace break rooms, a paper towel holder is a convenient way to keep paper … This holder is known by the name of Farmhouse Wooden Tote. I’ve always kept paper towels in the shop, but I’ve just had the roll free floating. I LOVE a full roll of paper towels on the holder at all times in the kitchen…but I have to say, I’m loving it less than full so I can see all the pretty. It is an amazing way to design such a holder with pure wooden pieces. So, let’s start seeking knowledge. 20, 2019 If you need a way to hang paper towels in your workshop, find an old 9-in. Well, with Father’s Day looming around the bend, I have a quick and easy idea for you this year. I hope you would inspire by these amazing ideas of DIY paper towel holder. Screw the floor flange to your workbench, insert the pipe into it and screw on the cap. If you have any ideas for improvements or just want to share your thoughts on this design, feel free to send me an email, or let me know in the YouTube comments for the video! Tip: DIY paper towel holder is one of the easiest DIY projects I have done yet. It’s Taryn from Design, Dining and Diapers . DIY Towel holder With five of us using the bathroom , we needed some extra space to hang towels. galvanized pipe, a cap and a floor flange. Connect the other half of your cut strips to the strips that are already stuck to the holder. If not more so, because this one is going to involve making the cardboard roll look almost indistinguishable from one in real life. I take a paper towel, fold it over twice, squirt some water on it, and then set that on my workbench. Shorten your knob, if needed, and insert the knob into the top of your paper towel holder, using hot glue to secure it down. Then anytime I get glue on my fingers and don’t want to smear the glue all over my workpiece, I simply give them a quick wipe on the wet paper towel. on my hand). And since I’m a self-proclaimed “DIY-er”, you know I spend every holiday racking my brain for ideas! Thanks for being a part of my diary. We have a tiny kitchen, and counter space is always at a premium. This is a simple pipe paper holder. The water makes it stick to the workbench top so as I drag my fingers across it, it stays put. Our paper towels used to sit on the counter top, but a few weeks ago I got fed up and decided I needed a way to suspend the roll from the cabinet in order to free up some precious space. One quick note about choosing a knob: make sure that the widest part of the knob is smaller than the inside of a roll of paper … Happy day to you! Incredibly easy paper towel holder (DIY). I’ve always kept paper towels in the shop, but I’ve just had the roll free floating. 6 years ago. See more ideas about paper towel holder, towel holder, paper towel. Cut off the little hooks on the hanger also. 12-inch 1/2-inch threaded pipe Which can be made up of pure metal. It would take less time to finish. Hello friends! A few months ago I shared how I was slowly adding farmhouse accents to our kitchen. You can hang it perfectly, it will give a catchy and flashy look to your entire kitchen. ! Required fields are marked *. My DIY Industrial Paper Towel Holder is perfect for our lake house kitchen counter. One of the most under-appreciated kitchen counter items is your paper towel holder. Crafted from elegant, fine-grain marble, this paper towel holder is not only convenient but a gorgeous addition to any home. At a very needy time searching for it here and there can waste your precious time that’s why I thought to make it easier for you and for me too. Place Command Strips along the top edges of the leather pieces. DIY Industrial Pipe Paper Towel Holder. For the man that spends all his time in the garage, why not make him his own industrial Shop Towel Holder! Industrial Style DIY Paper Towel Holder …and had to show you what it also looks like with less than a full roll….. Finally, I wanted a small lip to help reduce the chance of things sliding off, and most of the ones I saw didn’t have what I would consider an effective lip, or at least not an effective “lip-to-shelf” ratio. That’s why I am sharing DIY paper towel holder plans for your easiness. 1/2″ End Cap. The only thing to watch for is drill bits drifting when you drill the holes. And ones that have a shelf built into them (even the ones with a pretty bad/weak shelf) are surprisingly expensive. I mean, if you have to take up that much space for the roll anyway, you might as well make the shelf that large, right? DIY Paper Towel Holder Hanger Supplies Needed: 1 Plastic Clothes Hanger; Wire Cutter or Metal Shears; Instructions: Cut the bottom of the hanger in the middle as shown in picture. case in point – i’ve been wanting to DIY one for a year now. Paper towel holders may not be at the top of your essentials list, but whether it is at home, work, or school, a paper towel holder can be extremely useful. It looks simple but pretty. It will give a shiny and rustic look to its surrounding. 2 Comments. You can also place serving spoons, spices, or anything you may need a home for in your kitchen as shown in the image above. The other side of this coin is that I never found one that had exactly the type of shelf I wanted. DIY Paper Towel Holder Posted on February 13, 2016 This 5 minutes quick paper craft aka DIY Paper Towel Holder was borne out of the need to not keep clumsily knocking my roll of paper towel behind the freezer or fridge or water dispenser (and also an avenue excuse to … Too gorgeous!! A paper towel holder was needed for our lake house and being the DIY type, I decided to make my own. Many times though, I have one hand that is occupied with what I’m trying to wipe in the first place (like glue, paint, etc. Faith Towers . It is very cheap, and the material is easy to find nearby. So what I’m describing isn’t exactly a new concept. This is a simple pipe paper holder. It stands on the counter or is hidden away until called upon for action after a spill or some other kitchen cleanup. Paper Towel Holder. That’s it! Happy building, Everybody! Screw together the 3 inch nipple and the 90 degree elbow. Hello, friends! Rustic Modern DIY Paper Towel Holder We had all the supplies needed for this project since I previously bought pipe fittings in bulk or had some leftover from older projects. Make sure to hold your paper towel holder in place and press on firmly. A lot of the ones I saw when shopping online had a shelf that was smaller than the overall footprint of the paper towel roll. Hang on a tree limb when camping or on a nail in your garage. Build a sturdy paper towel holder with a 12-in. DIY Projects Upcycled: DIY Paper Towel Holder Ideas. So not only has this method simplified my glue clean-up experience, but it actually saves water compared to rinsing my hands in a sink. DIY Wall-Mounted Paper Towel Holder by Jennifer 16 Comments You might remember that part of my kitchen makeover to date has included using the vertical space on the side of my refrigerator for floating shelves that hold my daily kitchen essentials – knives, coffee maker, salt and pepper, etc. a paper towel holder is always an afterthought for me. It looks simple but pretty. There was still one thing left that was just a big old thorn in my side–our paper towel holder. So, let’s take a look at the ideas and get inspired. length of 3/4-in. What’s the point in that?! Remove the paper backing and stick to your mounting surface. It can be satisfying to make a practical item that you will use every day. Today I am sharing some useful ideas with you. Fits up to a 6″ diameter roll of paper towels (and anything smaller, included the blue Scott brand of shop towels). Kindly like and share, add a comment too! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Upcycle something as mundane as a paper towel cardboard insert into this bracelet display piece, which will look just as artistic as those you may see at jewelry stores. I found this idea on Bloesem Living, Irene made accessories displays for her shop … I hope you will be alright. I hope you will prefer it in your own kitchen. That said, I could have just bought one off the shelf, but as I mentioned in the video, paper towel holders that are cheap don’t have a nice shelf built into them. Then just set the paper towel roll over the pipe. Obviously, the water also helps wipe the glue away. Obviously, almost everyone has a paper towel holder in their kitchen, for all of the same reasons I just described. It will surely save your time and money both. Kindly like and share, add a comment too!! Instant Paper Towel Holder Family Handyman Updated: Mar. They make great gifts for friends and family. It will give a shiny and rustic look to its surrounding. Slip a paper towel roll onto the bottom of the hanger. Screw the floor flange onto the other end of … The thing I love most about the shelf is that it gives me a place to keep a small squeeze bottle full of water, close to the paper towels. Easy DIY Leather Paper Towel Holder. Let’s keep it clean! Plus, they will fit perfectly to modern and traditional kitchen designs. The problem with the free-floating roll is that I have to look around to find it, and then when I need a paper towel, I have to find a way to hold the roll while I tear one off. I am really inspired by the idea that this not only holds your paper towels, however but also serves as a storage piece as well. See more ideas about paper towel holder, paper towel, holder. It utilizes a simple freestanding design—nothing but a sturdy base and an upright spindle—to give off a modern aesthetic..