The Philips Wi-Fi bulb is rated to last for 10,000 hours and comes with a 2-year warranty. Use the WiZ Smart Home skill to control your lights: turn them on and off, change their brightness and color at will, switch to different shades of white or even activate your favorite room lighting setup using Scenes. Try a manual reset. Simply change the light with an app or voice device. Make sure your lamp or light fixture is turned off and within 150 feet of your Wi-Fi router. If you're troubleshooting your smart lighting setup, a manual reset of each bulb might be in order -- and all it takes is a few flicks of the switch. Philips smart Wi-Fi LED bulbs make it easy to dim, tune and change the color of light. To Prepare a Smart Bulb. Open the WiZ application and go to Settings → Integrations → Alexa. If one batch of lights is rather far from another, try sticking a light bulb or Dimmer Switch … Philips Hue bulbs have been voted among the best lights that provide your home with natural and beautiful blending lighting altogether. Wiz is a formidable competitor to LIFX and Philips Hue light bulb. All you have to do is screw in the bulb, and flip the switch to toggle between 100%, 40%, and 10% brightness. But they will also go back to their original color and brightness after … For a much more affordable cost, you’re able to purchase smart lights that offer as many different colors and features. Philips Hue has one of the most comprehensive and versatile ranges of smart lights out there, and usually you'd want the Philips Hue Bridge plugged into your router to control all of your installed bulbs.. Philips Hue smart bulbs allow for a customized and voice-activated smart home setup. Carefully install your new WiZ smart bulb. But what if you don't want the Hue Bridge? Smart bulbs acting up? Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb Review: How to setup and pair with Alexa or Google Assistant Setting the bulb up is quite simple. Get started by letting Alexa access your WiZ home. Available in soft white and bright daylight. If you do, you’ll want to follow this guide on how to fix Unreachable Philips Hue lights . If you’ve decided to outfit your home with 15-20 smart light bulbs , then the savings rack up considering you’ll be saving $20-$40 per bulb . See how SceneSwitch can dim without a dimmer. The Philips SceneSwitch bulbs work with your existing light switch. Turn your lamp or light fixture on. The good news is that you haven't hit a dead end. Just connect it to a power socket, download the Wiz app from Play Store or App Store and follow the instructions. The Philips Hue system was one of the first unified smart bulb systems on the market and remains justifiably popular despite the cost. No extra equipment or switches needed. Available in a range of familiar shapes and styles. Read on as we show you how to incorporate cheaper third party smart LED bulbs into your Hue system for that great Hue ease-of-use at a lower price. Watch video Just like any other devices, we cannot ignore that sometimes thing don’t always go smoothly and there maybe a little issue here and there, common Hue issues are around connecting bulbs and loss of connection with the bridge. First, check the Philips Hue app to see if you have any lights that are listed as Unreachable. Remove the existing bulb. Remember, Philips Hue uses the ZigBee protocol, so not every light has to be in range of the Hub—it just has to be within range of another bulb that can connect to the Hub. Browse our How to videos either in the Philips Hue app (you can find them in the Explore tab under 'How to videos"), or view all our videos on the Philips Hue YouTube channel.