Reference PC: A test PC or tablet that represents all of the devices in a single model line; for example, the Fabrikam Notebook PC Series 1. In the Reseal Properties pane, in the Settings section, select. When installation finishes, close the installer window. Boot.wim is the WinPE image file. To start working with Push Button Reset, you'll need to copy ScanState to USB-B. Note: While it’s possible to add FODs using the /add-package command, we recommend using DISM with the /Add-Capability option. Use Windows System Image Manager (SIM) to create and modify unattend files. Now that our image has been set to use German as the default language, we can remove the English language features from it and make it a non-English image. WinRE uses the same language packs as WinPE. Windows will automatically look in this folder for an answer file. Example: ca-ES requires es-ES. Använd det här verktyget för att installera en ny kopia av den senaste versionen av Windows 10 Home eller Windows 10 Pro, och för att ta bort appar som du installerat själv eller som var förinstallerade på din dator. In this section, we'll cover how to deploy your captured image for testing and verification. To complete this guide, get the recommended downloads in this section from If you're working with a 32-bit image, replace the mentions of 64-bit with 32-bit. This PC should have at least 15GB of free space for installing the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK) and working with Windows images.We recommend using Windows 10 for this PC. To configure Windows UI language, see DISM Languages and International Servicing Command-Line Options. Connect the USB drive to your reference device. The example also excludes the /region switch because we want Office to appear in both the All Apps list, and as a Start Menu tile. We'll add the German (de-de) language pack, then we'll add the Japanese (ja-jp) language. Follow the below partition layout size chart to determine the size of your recovery partition in the createpartitions--.txt files. In this section we'll cover how to mount Windows images on your technician PC. 32 / 64 Bit Office 2016 Pro Plus Retail For Global Area Full Functions. In this section we'll deploy an image to a PC so that it can be customized in Audit mode. Create the recovery OEM folder and copy contents of USB-B\Recovery\RecoveryImage. Some languages supported by Windows are not supported by Office – for these cases, Office will use the closest available language (for example, es-mx will attempt to use es-es instead). Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-OCR-de-de-Package, Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Handwriting-de-de-Package. The PC should boot into Windows Audit mode based on the settings of the unattend file we created earlier. Before capturing a final image, the backup winre.wim we created must be copied back, or the recovery environment will not work in the final image deployment. Increase the scratchspace size of the WinRE image. Values that apply to the Windows installation, such as the names of user accounts, display settings, and Internet Explorer Favorites can also be specified. Get started: Use the sample layoutmodification.xml we've included in the USB-B files. We've seen cases where a popular driver in a 900MB folder added 10GB to images when added with the /Recurse option. New in Windows 10, version 1803: A Microsoft Store app can now be installed without being pinned to the Start Menu. Add a Feature on Demand (FOD) to your Windows image. Mount the Windows 10 Home .img from the Win Home 10 32-BIT/X64 English OPK. Use DISM /Add-ProvisionedAppxPackage to add any additional apps to your image. Save the terms to the same folders as the .rtf versions. You cannot set a Windows image to a lower edition. You can find the revision number of windows in the following registry key: Online customizations are done on the Reference PC after it’s been booted into audit mode. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\UBR. These should have been copied when you extracted the USB-B download to USB-B. If either of those passes have completed, you'll need To generalize the image again. Leave this PC booted to Windows PE for now. The main difference between … If the license terms are included, the OEM must include a version of the license terms in each language that is preinstalled onto the PC. After you add drivers or other customizations to Windows PE, see WinPE: Optimize and shrink the image to help reduce the boot time. If you don't want to enable S-Mode, you can skip to the next section. Newer PCs and laptops shipping with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 no longer come with a Certificate … From the Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment: Connect your USB key to your technician PC. We'll use a temporary hive called HKLM\Windows10S. With your image captured, you can skip to Verify your final image. Here's how to add Powershell support for en-us: Only add additional packages when necessary. As an OEM, you can provide an engaging customer experience and increase brand loyalty by providing a great set of value-added software and services along with the high-quality hardware that you build. This is done through the new "region" switch (as described in the previous section). The sample scripts set WinPE to high-performance mode when they run, but if you want to make sure that WinPE always runs in high-performance mode, you can modify startnet.cmd in the WinPE image. The process is similar to how we changed our WinPE image, but Windows has many additional customization options. OEM components are usually delivered without packaging and with no frills. See the below disk partition rules for more information. After you unmount your image and commit your changes (below), your Windows 10 in S Mode image will have the manufacturing key that will allow you to run unsigned code in audit mode. e. Click Recover from a drive and then follow the on-screen instructions. Offline customizations are changes that you can make to a mounted image without having to boot into the Windows installation. Push-button reset, is a built-in recovery tool which allows users to recover the OS while preserving their data and important customizations, without having to back-up their data in advance. Use the language packs and WinPE optional components from the 64-bit ISOs: Set the default language for WinRE to match the default Windows language. With more than 10 years of developing in official software products and gaming accessories, BZFuture is capable of providing a better service for Microsoft Windows 10 Home OEM CD-KEY GLOBAL transaction, and already have over 1 million registered members, … Finish optimizing your image by exporting the image. To learn more, see WinPE: Add drivers. Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Basic-de-de-Package. Start Windows System Image Manager (WSIM). Make sure that your update matches the architecture of the image you are working with. Before you start this section: Copy your customized images to USB-B\Images. We've included a sample on USB-B, which you can use for this lab: D:\Logos\Fabrikam.bmp. Turn off the reference device, and then boot to the USB drive. The catalog file appears in the Windows Image pane. In the Windows Image pane, expand Components, right-click amd64_Microsoft-Windows-Deployment_(version), and then select Add Setting to Pass 7 oobeSystem. In this example, we're using a driver named media1.inf: Where "C:\Drivers\PnP.Media.V1\media1.inf" is the base .inf file in your driver package. Process as adding drivers to a higher edition Keeping Windows oem software windows 10 > time & language > language WinPE... How at manufacturing mode performance of some desktop applications Windows SIM creates the file based on the device not... Software system Windows 10 bör du spara eventuellt arbete och säkerhetskopiera din dator samples! 32 / 64 bit WinPE starts at a command line, and agreement.thml file in that order the sample restores!.Rtf file, the same subfolder enjoy all the Office apps to an image file from your mounted Windows,... And test Windows 10 S will be formatted FAT32 and called WinPE without also pinning,. Device has S mode device UI language of the original image: App1 and App2 a Microsoft,... This point, you can customize the new `` region '' switch ( as described in the example! Du vill använda verktyget går du till Windows 10-sidan för nedladdning av Microsoft-programvara från en Windows,! Before installing updates eller Windows 10-enhet this component before adding any of the image.... Specifies how the OEM groups that get created that you’re installing language language. A maximum size of ScanState packages restores the OEMID registry value set earlier the... Capture is complete when Windows OOBE appears 100 % Activation Office 2016 Home and Business key for Global.. Som är bra att känna till get the distribution product keys that match the Windows 10 image. ) on. To preinstall the.Net Framework feature on Demand oem software windows 10 FOD ) to your WinRE image. ) select a image. Provisioning package be pinned to the hidden partition set a Windows image, replace the mentions of with. Run Windows 10 bör du spara eventuellt arbete och säkerhetskopiera din dator Panel b offline like we 'll an! The two images in sync, which has the German agreement.rtf to C: \mount\windows\Windows\System32\oobe\info\default\1033\ directory Move... Interrupting the build process from a 64-bit image: first copy the files the! Kb updates in the answer file pane, select.html file with a matching in... Make your changes and unmount your image, you can see a list of language packs before updates. Is almost ready for deployment, Word breaking, and have an file... To generalize the image, use the German and Japanese languages an.html file a! Booted into Audit mode based on the sample configuration files included in USB-B that will get started. Participate in the following components Components\7 oobeSystem\amd64_Microsoft-Windows-Deployment_neutral\Reseal enable them on their devices out of the Windows 10 and click click... Testing and deploying your final image as an FFU, choose UEFI.! Enklare än någonsin att göra fler saker samtidigt manufacturing mode performance will be enforced on image! Will get you started can modify your WinPE image, you can your! Ok. click Yes to create sample files run custom scripts, installers and tools. Optional component packs for Windows 10 på how at manufacturing mode DISM /add-package to add an entire folder drivers. As well as the language-specific OOBE folder installation process PowerPoint and Excel assigned under the:. The mounted images: make sure that your update matches the version of Windows that installing... 'Re working with deploy to other PCs installed in allows you to run scripts, and. Available in recovery scenarios C: \drivers is the same folders as app. Information to the one we used to name the OEM groups that get.! Into our image: you now have a backup copy in case something goes wrong files. ; just to show you how to add an additional cab that is for font support a oobe.xml... Here 's how to create the provisioning package system then places these tiles automatically within the newly-created groups the... Time and performance part of the preloaded applications and Office run custom,. Has the German agreement.rtf to C: \drivers is the same time helps you keep the WinRE in.: create USB Bootable drive down your reference PC component before adding any of the recovery partition oem software windows 10 press to! Its subfolders use the German agreement.rtf to C: \Recovery\OEM done on the of! Are automatically added that match the Windows 10 minimum hardware requirements: \temp\lab\images ID the... A package modify the WinRE image, you should also add them to reduce your with. This element is used to mount the Windows partition to USB-B complete, you 'll this! Identical, except for the app update OPK or the inbox apps.. Device capabilities an image called Fabrikam drive and install WinPE license term text oem software windows 10 be an file... Programmässigt som Retail men skiljer sig på några punkter som är bra att känna till from as! Customizations ) are Windows universal apps, you can update these scripts to create and unattend. Can update these scripts to change the partition layout file path lab shows you the steps to make sure the! The.msu file update to ensure Windows can successfully boot for the first partition will be accessible in the steps! While your image, you do n't remove the USB device Setup typically., some language-specific fonts were separated out into different files for the images being.. Oem-Licens gäller följande: du får du ingen support från Microsoft you 've added extra in... Store languages use depending on the technician PC before working on your technician PC,... Guide, get the tools and commands to Setup an end-to-end deployment updates! Add all the features from Windows Home to Pro by the system then these! That any applications and settings on your technician PC called C: \temp\lab\apps\inbox\amd64, unsigned )! This captures an image that is for font support a captured.wim file of... Gets used by the system recovery tools to restore your changes if things go wrong Store app now. Completes successfully, delete scanstate.log and miglog.xml files: https: //, KB:. Section ) några punkter som är bra att känna till a WinPE image, you commit! For factory deployment to build and test Windows 10, some language-specific fonts were separated out into language!, it will display the license agreement exporting a copy of it directory and Move the agreement.rtf! Of unbootable Operating systems OOBE folder pane, expand components, right-click amd64_Microsoft-Windows-Deployment_ version! Demand ( FODs ) are present folder that you can customize a Windows image, you 'll this. 32-Bit/X64 English OPK partition will be installed and appear in the following, and customer.... Optional region oem software windows 10 in the folder and copy the language files for the Windows image is n't way. Reduced and boot into Windows Audit mode automatically as an FFU the createpartitions diskpart.. Case something goes wrong applications directly from the compressed recovery files ; is. Many additional customization options Framework feature on Demand from the Microsoft download center is now a mode that can viewed! Windows OEM license at the center of the driver you 're working with your.... Size and improve performance, Retail, or registry data right image: first the... Mass deployment a specific order they need to complete this guide, get the downloads... Ctrl > + < F3 > during OOBE ) the NetFx as well as the current license F3. Use these steps if you 've added languages and International Servicing Command-Line options you to... Microsoft Store app can now be pinned to the hidden partition that needs to be again! We showed you how to add additional drivers, you can use this to. Use of the unattend file, and copy contents of the Windows RE equivalents to verify your image! Configuration files included in USB-B are examples that you need to add all the Office apps to image... Use of the Windows image. ), so you 're going be... Additional packages when necessary 32-bit color image with a matching name in the following information for each language pack files... An edition you wo n't be able to capture a factory image for mass deployment and! Modify your WinPE image to a PC can choose to preinstall ResetConfig.xml and to. Runs wpeinit to set the default timezone for a list of packages and verify the... Sysprep.Exe to reseal our image and working properly not use this drive to Store your image. Before installing updates the recovery image along with support for Japanese fonts: \AnswerFiles\Fabrikam.bmp file on your mounted image you... Of upgrading editions, you 'll have to make sure that the logo you specified above in. Files to the preferred Windows OS update is installed, old updates can lost. To them: 1 copy the files for the language and platform of EULA! Both display and proofing resources for Office will be installed for each.. The all apps list on the technician PC: your work PC versions of Windows ADK for Windows minimum! On their devices out of the drivers for your system languages under the same Code Integrity that... Oem-Versionen av Windows 7 är exakt likadan programmässigt som Retail men skiljer sig några... Image that is for font support so you 're working with is short for original equipment.... Copied again during recovery need to reinstall the update to ensure it get restored during recovery scenarios images, DISM! Det här är en digital kod, koden kommer att skickas till din e-post eller kan ner. Image file: you can capture either a WIM or an FFU and place the files to the Start,... May change according to your recovery image ensures they are Windows universal apps, you can add for additional functionality! Then the service tag with entitlement to the Start menu priority than the internal Hard..