Look at 9:18, and then look at 10:11. II. 10.) Scripture Formatting × Scripture Formatting. This is why it feels so urgent in the Pslam where we hear words like remember, and don’t forget. The Psalm is a psalm of hope; a hope that surely Yahweh will step in and be the third party again. 11.) If Job were a myth, we would only have the viewpoint of the friends.” By seeing these groups of words it is more clear that what Girard is saying is actually true; the speaker represents the socially vulnerable, powerless and marginalized. Typically in strong/weak relations the strong govern both sides of the conversation. This is because we are convinced that our way of doing things, the direction we were taking the country was the right way. Then comes the suggestion, this fiery dart, "Ah, wretch that you are, God will never forgive that sin; you have been so ungrateful, such a hypocrite, such a liar.". But to utter His name in the fulness of knowledge is to uncurtain heaven, and see its glories once. His name is JESUS. II. 10 More to be desired are they than gold, even much fine gold; sweeter also than honey and drippings of the honeycomb. IV. What are modern day examples of creating a social possibility outside the ideology of the powerful? We don’t even see it anymore. Hey Matt, good call, I don’t know why I wrote it was the smallest, I read it somewhere in my studies and then through it in there for more interesting info, but maybe it was the smallest book of the writings? III. The name of God is frequently put for God. Experience proves this true. 11.) It is not mere hearsay nor any theoretical knowledge of God. We read parable after parable of stories Jesus told that did exactly this. If we can learn anything from this Psalm, it is that we should not be silent. The title … God reveals himself as the faithful God to those who earnestly seek him. It is a high privilege to know and declare to others the Divine work. Even when we are convinced that the wicked are right, that there is no way to change it, there is still hope. This enthronement psalms (93; 95-99) calls the people to praise God (verses 1-3, 7-10a, 11-12a) and gives reasons why God is worthy of praise (verses 4-6, 10b, 12b-13). Then we have Yahweh being spoken about from a distance, where he is spoken about in third person (moving away from the first person from the first few verses). This is what I believe we are called to do as the church; help narrate a new story that flips the current power structures on its head. The mere repetition of Lord, Lord, will do but little. If the eternal duration be granted, there is —. 10 And those who know Your name will put … And it is in harmony with the convictions of the understanding. 4. The Book of Job must be defined, I believe, as an enormously enlarged psalm of malediction. By this point in the poem, the author is starting to sound a little crazy. This is seen in His atonement, whereby God's righteousness is declared, so that He can be just, and yet the justifier of him which believeth in Jesus. They had no problem rejoicing in their own deeds and making them seem like it’s not that big of a deal. We are surrounded by some of the most oppressive systems known to man. They are able to keep the truth locked down about their actual intentions (China). And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, LORD, hast not forsaken them that seek thee. 280+ | 35 min: A Resounding Chorus of Exaltation. I took a class called Sex and Violence in the Hebrew Bible at York and it was a full year long. It is beautiful. THE SOUL WINNER We … The speaker is celebrating something, something that is present and something in anticipation for what is coming. Those who know Your name will trust in You, for You, O LORD, have not abandoned those who seek You. The weak and marginalized have spoken first in celebration of the ‘third party’ who is Yahweh who helps change the balance in social relations. Then they plea for a continued presence of that third party. “This reading of Psalms 9-10 suggests that the (repeated) utterance of the poem is indeed a political act. A FIERY DART OF SATAN CONSTANTLY SHOT AT THE PEOPLE OF GOD. He is a faithful, forgiving, and merciful God, Who is long-suffering towards those who believe in the wonderful name of the only begotten Son of God. But consider God's providences and judgments upon us now. For we only behold creation through a perspective. Through it God must surely preserve His being, and He surely will preserve a world. The way to know it is to read it in Christ. Today’s sermon is my today’s birthday message, not only to others but also to myself. (Ver. There must be an eternity of time and duration. Even is I consider the Bible fell from heaven and is prepositionally true, the concept of analogy, metaphor and genre based questions are permitted. And we never seek earnestly for any one unless he becomes in some way necessary to us. The declaration of God's name (Exodus 34). That name is impressed upon creation, but is seen most in Christ in delivering His Church. Scripture: Psalms 9:10, Hebrews 6:18, Proverbs 3:5-6. Men stumble at this, that our weak race, which is hasting to a change that hath all the appearance of ending, should not really die, but live on, and have their share in all the revolutions which the world is to undergo, as long as God Himself shall have His being. This is the online home of Nathan Colquhoun from Sarnia Ontario. God specially dwells in the Church. The first has potential for highlighting the liturgical season: the light/darkness theme in 112:4 (“They rise in the darkness a light for the upright”) appears in Matthew 5 when Jesus proclaims, “You are the light of the world” (verse 14). They are brutal, asking for horrible things to happen to the people they are cursing. Hey Nathan, For instance, let’s look at China for a moment. In this season … The statements are basically saying that there are only two parties; the wicked and the weak. So the only way this poem can actually become true, that the poor are finally set free and that the oppressed get a fair trial is if Yahweh steps on the scene. Typically the wicked are used to speaking for themselves and this leads them to be more careful of what they say and withhold. Now this knowledge must not be merely theoretical, but that of the heart. Hence, to awaken trust in God, we are to show the excellence and beauty of the character of God. In time of great trouble. We have assaulted them in every which way and especially now with our ideologies. Rene Girard, on this topic points this out, “In mythology, the collective violence is always represented from the standpoint of the victimizers and therefore the victims themselves are never heard. Hilariously, some call it the Psalm that the devil can quote because the devil actually quoted it when he tempted Jesus. Abraham was called the friend of God — he knew God so well, and so he got another name — the "Father of the faithful," because he so trusted in God. Because the wicked (strong) can speak for themselves they are also used to permitting when or if ever the weak may speak and what they are permitted to say. Scripture Formatting × Scripture Formatting. We try and figure out what is going on, use them as analogies, and learn what we can by snooping on someone’s life that was experiencing God thousands of years ago. The Psalms are full of words that curse the wicked. We only hear the persecutors who always have the last word, and who are unaware of their own arbitrary violence.” This type of unbalanced social life is the result of there being only two parties involved. This picture doesn’t really do justice does it? Joe came up with a great example here in talking about the protests in Iran. Extra Small Small Medium Large Additional Settings . Font Size. They are victimized by everybody without exception inside their own community. THE CONDITION OF THIS TRUST. Reverend Michael Voytek | Preaching Through The Psalms. All three of these statements do two things. And your own experience, if you will be honest with yourself, will prove it yet again. These spontaneous scapegoats understandably feel horribly betrayed by their friends, their neighbours, even their relatives. I Will Praise You! Let’s, if we can, try and get a better view of what was happening, or at least what it was like during the time of this Psalm being written. {10:3-9} God always remembers the cause of the afflicted. This Psalm does exactly this. Psalm 9:10New International Version (NIV) 10 Those who know your nametrust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsakenthose who seek you. Love leads to such communion, and that to experience. I am today that age of 80 when Moses was called by God. After removing God for long enough, the system is deep enough that it is quite natural for it to be normal that the weak are the way they are. I. They bring reassurance of God’s protection. Part 2 - The Meaning Of Worship Series Contributed by Bradford Reaves on Feb 8, 2020 | 2,378 views. "Where two or three are gathered together," etc. In order for us to worship, we must know what worship means. FEATURE SERMON; TEXT-FEATURE; Featuring a sermon puts it on the front page of the site and is the most effective way to … That protection is further emphasized in Psalm 91:11-12 through the ministry of His holy angels. SUN 06/18/2006. We can never prove the fidelity of any one of whom we have never felt the need. 10.) Taken … Continue reading "Commentary on Psalm 96:1-9 [10-13]" Have you ever known people who do both good and well? A. Psalm 9:1-20: The Ministry of Praise: J. H. Jowett, M. A. Psalm 9:1-20: Pulpit Commentary Homiletics. Look again; would you "see Him as He is"? From what you know about the story of the Native Canadians, how does this Psalm set us up as the wicked? It’s imaginative of a new way of doing life and a new way of seeing humanity. ” Font Size. We’re going to keep this quote in mind as we go through this Psalm. 3 And he said to me, … AS RIGHTEOUSNESS. This is a little backwards of how the world usually works. One, they are dismissals of God and secondly they are assertions of self sufficiency and autonomy. The man gives descriptions of this woman that allegorize her features and how beautiful she is. This is why doing the Psalms worked for the summer. The New International Bible Commentary says, “God’s tender care is such that He even supplies a celestial bodyguard around the believer, who carry him along the rock … Have good day! This is a comfort and a refuge for those who suffer from injustice and oppression. We see this with the Native Canadian population in Canada today. The psalm asserts a shaping of the social process that contradicts the conventional ideology of the powerful. Psalm 19:9–10 ESV. But Christ was the great witness of this name. Interesting conclusions… worthwhile read. They start saying similar things that they were attributing to the wicked. Now, we look at Native Canadians as failed Canadians. SermonAudio.com - Psalm 9 Sermons. Is it most likely that God should choose to continue creatures before Him, by giving eternity to the souls of men: or by letting these die, and end as they do in appearance, and by raising up other new ones in their places? Here I was taught to memorize the most crucial verse of Christianity, John 3:16 and then I find out God actually hates all these people that do wrong. Then in the same Psalm, there is a sense of celebrating Yahweh because he has given righteous judgment. AS WISDOM. Knowledge of Jehovah's name, true heartfelt and experimental knowledge. It is the fact that God hath not, no never, forsaken them that fear Him. They that know — That is, that thoroughly understand and duly consider thy name — Thy infinite power and wisdom, and faithfulness and goodness. You would be surprised, especially coming from a Pentecostal position, how people read the Bible (you saw the example I gave about Psalms 5:5). No wonder the Greek myths, the Greek epics and the Greek tragedies are all serene, harmonious, and undisturbed. You believed that it was a literal, word for word truth statements about what you were to believe. For some reason this picture, even though taken literally, directly from our Bible somehow misses the point of what is actually going on in Song of Songs. We look at them and peer into them. We learn by experience the delicate excellencies of a character, which we could never have seen by a momentary glance; we understand its harmonious proportions which a cursory look would never have shown us. 300+ | 37 min: God's Sovereignty. The person of Christ is the chief wonder of this wisdom. China is trying to block the bad parts of this protest and pretend they never happened. Psalm 9:9-10 NLT - The LORD is a shelter for the - Bible Gateway The LORD is a shelter for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble. As mentioned earlier in this article, verses 9-10 of Psalm 91, correspond with verses 1-2. | 4,922 … There is no right or wrong way to write Psalms. We look at their lives in disappointment and we struggle to not be racist towards them. Scripture: Psalms 9:1-12. Only in this courtroom with Yahweh in the room does the weak get a say. And so if God be unknown by us we shall not trust Him. Some of the thoughts were taken from C.S. Thanksgiving: C. Short : Psalm 9:1-6: The Cause of Gratitude: C. Short : Psalm 9:1-6: A Praiseful Heart: Psalm 9:1-20: Praise for the Destroyer's Destruction : C. Clemance : Psalm 9:1-20: Praise, Trust, and Prayer: F. B. Meyer, B. Rev David Silversides | Psalms. If we wanted to get a child to trust his parent, we would speak not so much of the child's duty as of the parent's character. There are two obvious connections a preacher might make between Psalm 112 and Matthew 5. But verse 12 takes us elsewhere. And in His resurrection and His dominion over the empire of death, and His upholding of His kingdom in the world, and giving success to the preaching of the Gospel. 2. WED 08/09/2006. This poet negates the false ideologies and liberates the minds of the marginalized with a new idea. It will destroy them and their works (vers. In this Psalm, you have a deep struggle that happened thousands of years ago written down for me to read and reflect on today. The Psalms are no different. Taken … Continue reading "Commentary on Psalm 96:1-9 [10-13]" III. And look at the teachings of nature as to the fidelity of God. )1 This enthronement psalms (93; 95-99) calls the people to praise God (verses 1-3, 7-10a, 11-12a) and gives reasons why God is worthy of praise (verses 4-6, 10b, 12b-13). Here is a drawing that someone drew up about what this woman would have looked like. The LORD is a shelter for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble. THE TRUST ITSELF — a confidence not for infallible success, but that life could not be in vain. Psalm 96 is for royalty. Psalm 9:10. But you must make real effort to know His name. Just as Christ resurrected, so David would one day rise from the dead as well. SUN 04/14/2002. Psalms give us the viewpoint of the oppressed in the midst of all the violence that is around them. Of all the arrows of hell it is the most sharp, the most poisonous, the most deadly. 3. Psalm 9: Praise For God’s Justice. The ideology of the strong continues to assault the weak over and over again until they as victims can see the world in no other way but through the eyes of the perpetrators. Those who know your name trust in you, for you, O LORD, do not abandon those who search for you. 5, 6). It takes the unquestioned system of the wicked and strong and mocks it, and hyperbolizes it so much the poem itself becomes a moment of freedom, because those who are normally left without speech get it. God always remembers the cause of the afflicted. Works Cited 12.) And He was made perfect through suffering, made perfect in mercy thereby. They are what they are; tidbits of conversation between God and humanity, from humanities point of view. 9 the fear of the Lord is clean, enduring forever; the rules of the Lord are true, and righteous altogether. Yet this is a peculiar way of speaking for the wicked. V. AND THIS NAME WILL BE TRUSTED BY ALL WHO KNOW IT. Contributed by Bobby Oliver on Aug 9, 2018. based on 1 rating. So the Psalms is one of the most unique collections of writings that the world has ever seen. For all our days are passed away in thy indignation: we have spent our years as it were a thought. They are not written by God. Or how about Psalm 139, where the author pronounces his blessing on anyone who snatches a Babylonian baby and smashes its head on rocks. GROUNDS OF THE JOYFUL WORSHIP OF GOD. It is not a commonplace possession of every man. If correct, I assume that the Psalm was inspired by the events in Moses’ life which spans thr… The Tienanmen Square protests of 1989 ended in quite a bit of violence in the Chinese government. All these things are part of the expression of our culture today. Far from it. We throw money at them and quietly hold our racist views to ourselves as we define their roles in our country. God is a strong Tower, into which they may run and find shelter from their troubles. While Psalm 23 (which I covered here) is definitely the most popular Psalm of all, surveys prove Psalm 91is among the 50 favorite passages of many Christians. But our text tells another way. First, it is for his various destructive actions, like destroying, blotting out, rooting out etc. We studied story after story of rape and war and horrible detestable violence that we would never want to expose our children too. It means the knowledge of approval, of heart assent to what he finds in God. Now this name of God is different from our conceptions. Psalm 9 : Play. And no wonder. The only way it is remotely close to the shortest in the OT is if you take the book of the twelve as one. C. Clemance . This was a cause for great joy and comfort to him. It is the suggestion that God has forsaken us. I remember back in youth group, we were in some kind of small group and we were arguing about the salvation of sinners. Deep within these systems, we are to be voices of a new way to look at the world. What is it? The biblical story is full of violence. Much was said in words and by promises under the old dispensation bearing witness to this name. With that, let’s jump into the Psalm that I picked for today. The meaning is - God will not let the murderer go unpunished, but will avenge the relatives of the murdered man, and so relieve and console their sufferings. James 4:14 Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. And at last that mercy of God appeared in Christ. 2. For some reason the speaker of these lines thinks they are free to do what they will. 3. One of the major criticisms is the violence in the Hebrew Bible and how you reconcile that with a so called peaceful God of the New Testament. There is nothing else like it. 320+ | 40 min: God will put men in their place. Twitter became a huge medium for many Iranians to voice what they were seeing. 1. Psalms From the Oppressed: A Sermon on Psalms 9-10 When you view the Bible as a book that fell out of heaven, then the Psalms become nothing more than abstract theological, scientific and historical statements. Scott Basolo . Denomination: Foursquare. Just look at some of the violent Psalms, some call them Psalms of cursing. I. This new idea, this new imperative is one of hope, a conviction that they will not be forgotten. 9.) A guilty conscience makes everyone suppose that God is nothing but severe. Yours are just as valid as the ones in the Psalms. To be able to expound God's work truly is to help to bring God nearer to men, and so to help to save them. 1 The heavens are telling the glory of God, and the firmament proclaims the work of his hands. Descriptions of heaven are but borrowed expressions from such things as we understand, but the happiness itself is something that is greater than we can yet conceive. This Psalm begins with thanksgiving. The Psalms can be taken any which way we like. Psalm 9; Revelation 20:11-21:8 : Play. Sermons on the Psalms. 10. It is crucial that when we read different parts of the Bible we read them in the context and style that they were written in. -Rene Girard. These statements of the wicked dismiss that third party as an effective player at all. Jacob wanted to know the name of the Being who wrestled with him, because the true name indicates the true nature. All the attributes of Jehovah have met in Christ. However, if you treat the Psalms like you are eavesdropping on a radio station from a few thousand years ago. Inside the Psalms we see lamenting, we see the world through the eyes of those that are oppressed. This Psalm is a brilliant act of counter speech and affronting the empire. The man that loves to hear the ocean breaking on the shore, will detect harmonies in what is monotonous to everyone beside. And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O LORD, have not forsaken those who seek you. "Thou hast not forsaken," etc. Just read Psalm 109 for example, it is a pretty clear example of a Psalm that wishes violence and suffering on the enemies of the author. When we have fallen into sin. One verse per line Red Letter Cross References Footnotes Strongs Numbers Hide Verse Numbers Close. This seals the doom of the unrighteous. And that means death. Psalm 9 : Play. Love gains knowledge as nothing else can. -Rene Girard. It is crucial that when we read different parts of the Bible we read them in the context and style that they were written in. It is the shortest book of the Writings and its main characters are a woman and a man. This is our current preaching series. So far, the enemy has not said a word, and now all of sudden in verse 3, they adversary is permitted to speak. Although the psalms man indeed make a theological point-namely, that there is a God to whom one can appeal against the nullification of that God be the ideology of the powerful-the practical, and I believe intended, effect of the psalm is to create a zone of social possibility outside the ideology of the powerful.”