He could have orchestrated it though? Not only that but West Ham is now surrounded by forest and the group are unable to escape. Still, seeing as we never actually see who shot Cassandra, there's still a chance that he didn't kill her. 11 May 2019, 09:40 | Updated: 11 May 2019, 10:48. She tries to plea with the murderer and is shot twice, then left for dead. Dynasty 7. Here's what all the various references reveal about what happened and what might be to come. The end of the third episode includes the shocking death of Cassandra at the hands of a mysterious killer. He's the epitome of the whiny rich kid who comes from tons of privilege and even though he doesn't have any better ideas, he refuses to comply with the way Cassandra wants to do things. She was at her home when Cassandra was killed. Let's go into Cassandra Pressman's backstory a little bit, in order to understand what exactly went down at prom. The Society has had some teen drama cliches before, such as Harry’s and Kelly’s parents having an affair, and this does sound like a plot twist straight out of … The Society is an American mystery teen drama television series created by Christopher Keyser, that was released via streaming on Netflix on May 10, 2019. Jane The Virgin 6. but what if they are in some sort of experiment set up by their parents and the government? I know, I know — Greg Dewey confesses to shooting Cassandra and is found guilty. You may say that the loner doth protest too much. Where exactly is the town of New Ham? Except for Harry who's "above" it all. Who killed Cassandra in The Society? And fans aren't really convinced that Dewey is the one who did it, calling the case too easily and neatly resolved, despite the fact that he's now dead because of the crime. It's revealed soon after that Greg Dewey (Seth Meriwether), the unassuming town nerd, is Cassandra's murderer. Was it Dewey, was it Harry, was it Allie? He persuades Allie to take on Cassandra's leadership role. West Ham Is Not a Real Town, But Netflix's New Show 'The Society' Was Filmed in One, If You Like Dark Magic and Werewolves, You'll Love Netflix's New Show 'The Order', Netflix's Upcoming 'Siempre Bruja' Will Make You Book the Next Flight to Cartagena, replica of New Ham, their sleepy Connecticut town, Kyla Kenedy Had a Breakout Role on 'The Walking Dead' Before 'Mr. Why Allie and Cassandra's mum (Amanda), would shoot her own daughter is completely unclear. I wonder why some people think Allie killed her sister because it doesn’t make sense to me. Dewey confesses to this murder pretty openly, saying he was inspired by Harry's "jokes," but once at trial, decides to turn on Harry and Campbell. Dewey becomes anxious and indirectly confesses to Harry that he was the one who killed Cassandra, and that he did it for him. From the get-go, it's clear that Allie doesn't want to be the leader of New Ham. Oh, and if it wasn't already obvious, there are many spoilers ahead. Harry, albeit a jerk, is horrified at Dewey's confession, and goes straight to tell Cassandra's sister, Allie. Allie arrests Campbell but considering that there's no actual evidence against him, she sets him free. The boys then lock Harry in a wine cellar. She has a longtime rival, Harry, and although she's the one all of her friends look up to, Cassandra dies in Episode 3. Line of Duty 8. The Society Episode 4, “Drop by Drop”, represents how fragile the town has become after the murder of Cassandra.Gordie (José Julián) is taking logical steps to the tragedy, investigating the crime scene and taking the bullets out so he can match the casings. In episode 10, we see a mysterious blonde woman in the real West Ham reading to children in the school library next to a board memorialising all of the characters in The Society. Theories about Cassandra from The Society prove that fans aren't too convinced about what happened to the character in Season 1. At a get together with Harry, his friends, and Dewey, they discuss Cassandra's murderer. She is portrayed by Rachel Keller . She decides to execute Dewey though. Scared, Harry tells Gordie, who informs Allie and the others. Later, the town holds a court hearing to find out if Dewey actually did it. He was at the pool when Harry threatened to assault and kill Cassandra. Mayor', What You Need to Know About Sarah Haines, Host of ABC’s ‘The Chase’, 'American Idol' Judge Randy Jackson Has Kept off Over 100 Pounds Since 2003, Meet the Cast of the 'Punky Brewster' Reboot Coming to Peacock. Harry, albeit a jerk, is horrified at Dewey's confession, and goes straight to tell Cassandra's sister, Allie. But not everything is glitters and unicorns for Cassandra.