E-PRES testing in E.P.P.O. premises in Athens

In the framework of E-PreS Project an earthquake drill took place in the premises of Earthquake Planning and Protection Organisation (E.P.P.O.) on Thursday the 10th of November 2016.
This drill involved the monitoring of the E-PreS System during the evacuation process in E.P.P.O. building facilities. In order to perform the respective drill, sensors (RFID readers) were placed in the stairs of 1nd and 2st floor and the exit of the building allowing the localization, and observation of speed and flow density of staff participated in the experiment.
The participants were carrying lightweight wearable sensors (RFID tags) attached at their shoes allowing constant interaction between the user and the system. Before the drill performance the participants were informed about the start signal of the drill and the evacuation routes according to the building’s emergency plan.
Staff of University of Athens (UoA) that is the coordinator of the Project supervised the monitoring and computing procedure of the drill.