Three earthquake field trials will take place in local schools and relevant structured building environments in Greece (EPPO, UoC-NHMC) and Romania (INCD). These field trials involve the monitoring and evaluation of the E-PreS system during the evacuation process in building facilities. In order to perform the respective trials, the deployment and configuration of E-PreS infrastructure/system in schools is necessary. More specifically, wall-mounted sensors (RFID readers) will be placed in the indoor facilities allowing the localization of the staff and students who will participate in the experiment.  Moreover, the participants will carry lightweight wearable sensors (RFID tags) that will allow for constant, almost non perceivable interaction between the user and the system. Additionally, during the preparation phase the respective partner (EPPO, UoC-NHMC, INCD) will prepare all printed and accompanied material (e.g., guidelines and tutorials) as well as evaluation sheet to be used during the experiment.  

The trials will be performed in three phases:


  1. Theoretical: The respective partners (EPPO, UoC-NHMC, INCD) will present and explain to staff and students involved in the trials the use of E-PreS system.
  2. Experimental: This phase will allow the realization of the drill in a school environment. It will include also the practical experimentation and use of the existing infrastructure, tools and helpful material (equipment).  
  3. Evaluation: After the completion of each drill, a drill analysis will follow. The outcomes of both dynamic assessment module and web portal will be discussed with the school staff and the students.