E.P.P.O. Awareness Initiative in Pieria Region - E-PreS project

The Civil Protection Department of the Regional Unit of Pieria (Northern Greece) organized a three day event from 9 to 11 December 2016 under the title "Earthquake - Preparation & Prevention, Response, and Rehabilitation" which included seminars, workshops training courses and an exercise. The aim of the events was to raise earthquake awareness of local communities and voluntary groups.
On December the 10th 2016, E.P.P.O. participated in a seminar and a workshop which were organized by the Regional Unit of Pieria. During both sessions the E-PRES project and its main objectives were presented. More specifically the participants were informed about the software and hardware system developed in the framework of the E-PRES project, and the procedure of monitoring and evaluation of emergency evacuation drills.
The events were attended by volunteers, volunteer groups, service personnel and citizens. The event was held in the conference hall of the Regional Unity of Pieria.