Short report about INGV Osservatrio Vesuviano drill on November 7, 2016

On November 7, 2016 the INGV partner made a drill of E-preS Project at S. G. Battista Primary School inside the city of Naples (Italy). The S. G. Battista Primary School is hosted by a building made of three floors: a basement, a ground floor and a first floor (figure 1). The main exit is at ground floor and the secondary exit is at basement. At basement are placed a gym, the refectory and a little deposit; at ground floor are three classrooms, a computer laboratory, a toilet, the porter’s lodge and the direction; at first floor are two classrooms, the staff room and a toilet. All the floors are connected by two different stairs.


Figure 1.  Floors plans of S. G. Battista Primary School. The red arrows shows the directions to evacuation paths. The raspberry images shows the positions of the E-preS nodes with antennas for passive tags.


Classroom number Number of students in the class Number of students present on 7.11.206 Tags distributed (incuding teacher)
1 23 23 24
2 23 23 24
3 24 20 21
4 29 28 29
5 19 19 20
Total 118 113 118

The primary school holds 118 students, 5 teachers, 1 director and two staff persons. During the drill 5 students were absent so totally 121 tags (including teachers, staff and Director) were distributed.

The checkpoint nodes were placed as showed in figure 1.

Before the drill the INGV team distributed the passive tags and made a brief explanation to the students of all the classrooms about the E-preS System and its role during the drill. A very simple brochure about E-preS Project was also distributed (see Appendix A). of

At the beginning of the drill all the students were in the classrooms and nobody was in the gym, deposit, staff room and refectory. Staff persons and Director were at ground floor.

The results of drill (figure 2, 3) show a total evacuation time of 136 sec in which 118 students passed the 5 checkpoints and all reached the exits.

Fig. 2. Results of the drill

Fig. 3. Photos taken during the drill execution

In order to disseminate the E-preS Project objectives, a journalist of the national newspaper “Il Mattino” was invited to be present during the drill and an article was published the day after (figure 4). 

Fig. 4. Article from the “Il Mattino” national newspaper, regarding the E-preS drill in S.G.Battista school in Naples executed by INGV Osservatorio Vesuviano.

Also a video interview was made to INGV team by the journalist and it was published in the web site of the newspaper at the following link: