On November 7, 2016 the INGV partner made a drill of E-preS Project at S. G. Battista Primary School inside the city of Naples (Italy). The S. G. Battista Primary School is hosted by a building made of three floors: a basement, a ground floor and a first floor (figure 1). The main exit is at ground floor and the secondary exit is at basement. At basement are placed a gym, the refectory and a little deposit; at ground floor are three classrooms, a computer laboratory, a toilet, the porter’s...


E-PreS partner Center for Educational Initiative conducted successful application trials in Bulgaria at the 21th of October.


M. Chatzidakis, M. Loukeris, K. Gerakos, S. Hadjiefthymiades, “E-PreS: Monitoring and Evaluation of Natural Hazard Preparedness At School Community”, 3rd International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Disaster Management (ICT-DM), Vienna, Austria, December 2016”


E-PreS was present at PatrasIQ 2016 from 15/4 to 17/4 held at “Dimitris Tofalos” athletic centre. Interested visitors had the chance to get to know about the project and got positive impressions from our stand. Local TV channels and newspapers hosted articles about the project, among them Peloponnesos newspaper, Ionian TV, Upatras newspaper, website.



An all-in-one solution was tested and rejected for not meeting the project requirements.Final decision is made to use one RFID Reader which support one antenna, as well as one Raspberry single board computers to pair the Readers with the server. Forty RFID tags will be used which are considered adequate.


Project partners presented their roles in the project and a thorough discussion and exchange of views followed.